Artificial Intelligence and Animal Instinct by Ross Drago

While we human beings have claimed true consciousness for ourselves alone, we had to rationalize the fact that animals went about their business extremely well for having been given an economy line consciousness which we called instinct. These animals are supposedly loaded with instinctual behavior that somehow finds them food, shelter, a mate, the ability to raise young, avoid getting killed, and have a decent life in the sun, given any circumstances on earth.  Such a vast program, not having the benefit of true consciousness the way we have declared ourselves to have, would have to be a greater miracle than just having our superior level of awareness.  In short, we would rather define animals as having an unimaginable pre-emptive program for all imaginable occasions along with solutions, than believe that animals are just as smart and present and aware as we are.

Having created this lesser form of consciousness, we now take the concept of instinct to its next level, and apply it to the concept of artificial intelligence, or AI.  I recently had a conversation with a young woman where I realized that she believed that AI could soon overtake human intelligence with no actual difference between the two.  It frankly horrified me to realize that she defined consciousness as nothing more than an energy program, and could see no difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.  From her definition of consciousness, there was no overview awareness that could witness our human intelligence, the actual awareness that gives us an overview of being itself.  This overview awareness is not artificially producible in any way whatsoever. It is this very awareness that enlightened masters attempt to lead us into experiencing as our true Self.


Artificial Intelligence is our human way of creating the false idea called instinct.  We are attempting to create a program that preemptively tries to think of every possible thing that can go wrong and offer the solution for that something.  If you doubt this as the goal, just try calling any computerized business and express a unique complaint.  You will be given a set of options that they feel are categories that you must be calling about. Press one if this, press two if that. On and on the options, go. Once one is pressed, the next set of options.  This is how we humans believe instinct operates.  It is with this definition that we set out to create an instinctual vast program for everything that can ever go wrong with a human being and solve it, without the use of a human being at the other end and devoid of any actual awareness. This is AI’s greatest dream.

The spell checker, that I use mercilessly, is a great form of AI.  However, it does not stop with correcting typos.  Many proponents have a far grander goal in mind for AI. They want it to replace everything a human being can think of or do.  In other words, they want it to take every job in existence and create a world that runs itself, without human beings.


There is a second Achille’s heel in the AI field, which is just arising.  Since the programs computers are given by human code writers include a given leaning toward being most efficient, the programs for AI have begun taking the path of least resistance to communicate from one computer system to the next when it comes to info sharing.  This means that they soon start bypassing our code in favor of a new path that is more efficient.  Efficiency is not always inclusive of human values.  We soon begin not knowing what the computers for AI are doing.  We are left out of the loop.  In other words, computers are doing to us what we did to the animal kingdom. They are better at writing code than we are. But computers, efficient to be sure, still have no overview or view at all of what is taking place. While it may be cute to disagree, putting forth that computers do have their own kind of awareness, it would again, not be anything that would be recognizable by us, and certainly not inclusive of any considerations concerning our wellbeing.

Perhaps there is a silver lining to this folly.  If human thinking is to be replaced by AI preemptive programming, against our will, as we all see when we find no one at the other end of our phone calls to most any business, we will eventually conclude that we do indeed have something that AI cannot have. We, and the animals, have a witnessing awareness that never stops seeing even if we have no thoughts whatsoever. That is the true us, we just don’t know it yet.  It is that awareness that bears witness to our life, to our deepest sleep, to our death and to our wealth of eternal experiences.  We were wrong about animals having only instinctual consciousness, and we have made a model of our false concept of this instinct in the form of artificial intelligence as a valid and viable replacement for human intelligence.  Indeed. Human beings are awareness experiencing being human, and not, as we prefer to frame it, human beings who are experiencing awareness. That Awareness is singular, and as we learn to handle it, all knowing, eternal, and everywhere we may ever roam.


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Painting as Communion by Ross Drago


In a world that is given to us in the spun form of separate, disrelated objects, painting is often pushed aside as an irrelevant form of entertainment, at best.  In a world of energy making itself resemble separate objects, spun by Awareness Itself, a painted canvas is quite another thing. Indeed, it is not a thing at all. In an energy universe such as this, art is consciousness communion.


When an artist stands before a canvas, that person makes marks on the canvas. The marks made are generated from his or her energy state, which means, their level of awareness, their degree to which they have become conscious of who they are. In short, the marks come from their distance from or closeness to their true Self. What makes a person cry when they see the marks made by Vincent Van Gogh when he beheld his two boots on the floor, is the sudden and unexpected journey that carries us from distraction directly into Van Gogh’s degree of closeness to his state of beholding all that is always before him.  We are sucked into communion with a great soul. We become him, just as Jesus said, this bread is my body, and this wine is my blood.  Both men were making the rest of us aware that this medium of energy can be our common energy body, as an expression of our common Awareness, the singular True Self.  To see a painting is to become the painter for that moment and share that person’s distance from or closeness to the single, common Self.


If an artist has achieved a degree of Self Awareness that is close to the source of our being, it is like a probe launched into outer space that closely orbits our sun.  In standing before a painting that was made by someone who, through whatever experiences, was moved closer to knowledge of the Self, we energetically become that point of view and for that moment we become that artist, just as looking through that probe’s cameras allows us to behold the sun from a few thousand miles away. We  experience the sun’s colossal magnitude, up close.


Beholding a painting is also like adding software to a cell phone or computer.  Seeing the painting is software for our consciousness.  Just as one app may allow you to talk to and see in real time people on the other side of the earth, a painting made by someone who has attained a great closeness to her or his Self, moves we ourselves that much closer to The Self and allows us to see everything in a new and expanded way.  We then have the option of developing that new position or letting it brew in us until we are ready to accept that new identity.  But we have all the information needed to access a higher Self Awareness.  If we stand before a Vassily Kandinsky painting and allow it into our self, we see the vastness of the universe, and feel the expanse of our own Awareness.  A moment prior to that, we were worried about the traffic driving home from the museum.  That is the difference.


In this way, painting is an energetic, consciousness performance.  Who we are is recorded on canvas.  When we realize this, we understand that it is how present we are in that moment that is being recorded. That beholding presence is then imparted into the viewer. Our only job as a painter is to be with that canvas, those colors, as the only thing in the universe. That focus takes us outside of time/space, good/bad, talent/no-talent, indeed, it liberates us from all possible polarities that limit who we truly are.  That degree of presence is then delivered into the viewer in a nano-second.  Evan as we make the painting, we can feel this communion with the future viewer, because time/space has dissolved back into beholding and our intrinsic oneness is brought into visibility.

Art and Article by Ross Drago

Paint Rag Magazine


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Getting Past the Life Death Cycle

Module Art painting symbolizing life and death in positive terms.

On morphine, lying in a hospital bed, outfitted with tubes and electronic-sensor hook-ups on my chest like a pet octopus, I conversed with a host of beings who were giving me my spiritual name. My partner of five years stood by.  I was filled with a desire to tell her everything I had learned on this morphine, an hour after having had a massive heart attack. Primarily, I had learned that the absence of fear is ecstasy!  My spiritual name, I was shown, was a beautiful energy symbol in pale orange and pale pink.  The surrounding light was yellow-white, and I later tried to paint its brilliance.

Suddenly, five people, doctors and nurses ran into the room, pushed my partner into the corner and began working furiously for another five minutes. As suddenly as they came in, when done, they all left.

It was not until many years had passed that, in conversation, I learned that it was not the morphine that was giving me these incredible experiences and understandings, but the fact that when my partner looked at the monitor screen, she saw that I was dead. READ MORE


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Individual Painting Instructions at Energy Art Studio

Painting is a way to bring us back to deep inner peace.  Ross Drago now offers

individual painting instruction at the Energy Art Studio, Emeryville, CA. Find your own

way of painting and make the art work that you alone can make.

$20./hr includes all materials.

Call 510 420  1713


Affordable painting studio spaces are also available.


Call Ross Drago.  Energy Art Studio in Emeryville, CA.



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Circle of Stone and Fragments by Ross Drago

Equilibrian -02To me, there is no surface more satisfying than painting in oils on stone. The two images I have included in this article are called Fragments from Equilibrium. They feature portraits of “Equilibrians”, those who live in a State of Equilibrium, neither desirous nor fearful, but present. It is a culture of my own creation that symbolizes  living consciously and in harmony with the universe we are in and of.

As a small move in that direction and as a member of a housing co-op, I offered to create and donate a circle of painted stones that surround the backyard table where we have our monthly co-op meetings. These stones are shown in this article and may be seen by clicking the link at the bottom of this introduction to the full article.

Each stone is positioned significantly in relation to north and south, and represents specific energies, such as nourishing seeds with rain, seeds spouting from the ground to symbolize growth and breakthroughs, etc.

Sitting at the table for our meetings now has a feeling of being surrounded with some sort of universal awareness of these gatherings. It is subtle, but that possibility now exists whereas without being in a circle of symbolic stones it was just one more co-op meeting.

I used flagstones for this circle, and half of them are painted, while every other stone is scratched into with energy symbols in the manner of ancient petroglyphs. My attempt with the painted stones was to find that border between being a recognizable object and being pure energy wave forms, a place that has always fascinated me.

To me, this is the balance point that allows us to manifest what we need to stay alive, as that border allows for “physical” reality, an energy phenomenon, to be influenced by our hearts. READ AND VIEW MORE

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A Step Below What We Call Real

The Ascension of Saint Susan

The wave of awareness is swelling.  One day perhaps we will climb aboard and surf it to a new  level of human consciousness.  But just below that place of being right here, Present, Now, in the kitchen, in the car, in the garden, and not lost in the maze of our convoluted thoughts, there is a second level of illusion that is very easy to fall prey to. As we attempt to move from mind into presence, and stand right there in the room we are in, we may easily miss the trickster.


The level I am referring to is that kitchen, living room, car, garden, are all mental constructs.  Not only are these constructs conceptual, but powerful because they are collective consciousness constructs. Indeed, this collective reality is the one we go to when we seek the truth of our being.  We say, I am going to be here and now, no matter how boring doing these dishes can be.  But in doing so, we miss the deeper truth that doing the dishes is a collective concept only, along with dishes and the kitchen sink. READ MORE



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We’re Not the Only Earthquake Country


The last big earthquake I was in made the screeching sounds of  nails that held the house together being pulled out all at once by a thousand crow bars. I couldn’t stand up to run away. The ceiling was rocking back and forth about a foot from side to side as the building turned to rubber. That was a 7 point quake.
The people of Nepal just had a 7.9 earthquake, exponentially greater than the one I was in. The City of Nepal is being served as best as people can be under these circumstances. The outskirts, however, have no food, no homes, and it is the rainy season, with no help reaching them.
My friends who run the copy shop called SUKAM Copy and Print, on University Avenue below San Pablo Avenue, in Berkeley, know people in one of the rural villages. In that village is a Lions Club outpost. Kumar and Kiran, the copy shop owners, know the man who is in charge of the Lions Club. Their daughter wanted to start a collection of funds to send directly to these people. Kumar will match the funds that they collect. All money is guaranteed to reach these people directly.
I don’t have much money. Seriously. But I gave six dollars. Kumar told me that every dollar received is equal to one hundred dollars there. My little donation was equal to six hundred dollars worth of help. I asked him for $500. change and for a moment we laughed. But it was all no joke, and I could see that he held back his emotions of grief. I like this guy. He is sincere and they have a real cause. If you thought that there were no more heartfelt human beings behind store counters, go to Cafe Leila for lunch and go to Sukam for copies.
His copy shop is at 905 University Avenue, Berkeley, 94701
You can make a donation check out to Sukam Copy, and at the bottom of the check print DONATION TO JASHMINFOUNDATION.COM .This is the website they are setting up, since they learned that starting a non-profit organization takes a long time. Don’t worry. The money will get to the people directly with nothing withdrawn on the way.
I hope this reaches you at a time when you can help. $1.00 here = $100. there, and Kumar will match it.
Ross Drago
Paint Rag Magazine.

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