Many centuries ago, human beings did not see the connection between having sex and having babies. Eventually, people learned to have sex with whomever they wished to have a baby, and society began to form itself into a structure.

As we mature we often develop habits. These habits are repetitive patterns which we may not wish to perpetuate. What if there is a connection between those habits and the circumstances and conditions we are in when we die, and the circumstances and conditions we are in when we are re-born? This may be as shocking an idea to many today as it was to everyone centuries ago to discover that making love with someone resulted in that woman having your child, or that sleeping with a man meant that he fathered the baby that you gave birth to some nine months later.

When we reach our seventies, we could attempt to prepare ourselves for how we would like to be born in our next life. If, for example, we like to drink at night, the chances are fairly high that when we do pass on, we will be either a little drunk or a little hung over. It is said by many awakened masters that we come back in to a body in the same way that we went out. That is to say, if we die an alcoholic, the chances are good that we will be born to a woman who drinks during pregnancy and puts alcohol into our blood stream as an infant. This gives us a life that continues the struggle with addiction to alcohol. If we are addicted to drugs, we may be born the daughter or son of someone who, for whatever reason, medically or by substance abuse, is addicted to certain drugs during pregnancy. This drug addiction, in this case, is passed on to us from birth or by conditioning in a drug abusive situation.

This also could apply to emotional addictions, such as willfulness, rage, sexual addiction, food addiction and any of the other addictive behaviors human beings have. It is for this reason that I would like to introduce the idea that when people mature, or when they reach their seventies, begin a self imposed stepping down from their addictions so that when they are born in their next life they will not be alcoholics, drug addicts, or addicted to emotions, habits or beliefs that are destructive again.

My primary addiction in this life has been anger. In my last life, I died an angry man. I was born to a woman who had much anger. This anger was injected into me. My new body was not born angry, but enraged at birth by the use of forceps. Furthermore, I was made to be angry by the circumstances I was born into because of my own previous anger addiction.

While no one likes to hear that they should curb their habits, especially as we reach an age of seventy and beyond, we are being as short sighted as those ancient beings who did not associate sex with procreation. As human beings, we may start to develop into consciousness by understanding that the addictive behaviors we die with, are the same addictive behaviors that we pick up all over again when we are reborn. I understand that the ultimate goal spiritually is to no longer be born into the life-death cycle. But there is a more recent understanding of spirituality that teaches us that we can bring awakened consciousness into the human embodiment. I am still too full of fear and desire to say good by to taking a human form. I’m not ready for some higher frequency state of being that we might call the angelic realm, but I am interested in how to bring a higher frequency of perception into human form.

How to do this? My suggestion is this: After seventy years of age, we begin to design our next lifetime without the things that we do not wish to relive. If it is anger that was the great teacher and burden of this lifetime, why perpetuate it endlessly? Work on letting anger go so that our next life is free of chronic rage. Begin acting and behaving in these last years as you would like to become as a young, strong, beautiful new human being. Do not say” I’ve been this way all of my life and I’ll probably die this way. Life is almost over, so why change now?” There is great reason to change during our older years! Together, with this simple practice we can start to steer the ship of human society, by not perpetuating our willful addictions, but by consciously making ourselves by our own hand.

I have included in this article a photograph of a sculpture made by my father, late artist Ross J. Drago. It is a block of plaster, like a pedestal for a work of art. The upper part of this pedestal is a life size statue of a man, my dad, from the waist up with a hammer in one hand and a chisel in the other. The chisel is poised at his waist… He is carving his own body out of the block of stone. It is entitled, “Self Made Man”. We too can begin to see the relationship between how we die and how we are reborn. We may begin to consciously create ourselves rather than blindly and unconsciously going from addicted lifetime to addicted lifetime calling it all a mystery that we have no control over. Sex makes babies. The habits of this lifetime make the habits of the next. We do have the power to take hold of the reins of what makes each generation of humanity the way that it is. We may each become as we wish this human experience could be. We may all become self made men and women, by coming into the truth of our real being and releasing compulsive habits from the past. Only then can we be reborn consciously.

Ross G. Drago,
Paint Rag Magazine
September 14, 2014