The last big earthquake I was in made the screeching sounds of  nails that held the house together being pulled out all at once by a thousand crow bars. I couldn’t stand up to run away. The ceiling was rocking back and forth about a foot from side to side as the building turned to rubber. That was a 7 point quake.
The people of Nepal just had a 7.9 earthquake, exponentially greater than the one I was in. The City of Nepal is being served as best as people can be under these circumstances. The outskirts, however, have no food, no homes, and it is the rainy season, with no help reaching them.
My friends who run the copy shop called SUKAM Copy and Print, on University Avenue below San Pablo Avenue, in Berkeley, know people in one of the rural villages. In that village is a Lions Club outpost. Kumar and Kiran, the copy shop owners, know the man who is in charge of the Lions Club. Their daughter wanted to start a collection of funds to send directly to these people. Kumar will match the funds that they collect. All money is guaranteed to reach these people directly.
I don’t have much money. Seriously. But I gave six dollars. Kumar told me that every dollar received is equal to one hundred dollars there. My little donation was equal to six hundred dollars worth of help. I asked him for $500. change and for a moment we laughed. But it was all no joke, and I could see that he held back his emotions of grief. I like this guy. He is sincere and they have a real cause. If you thought that there were no more heartfelt human beings behind store counters, go to Cafe Leila for lunch and go to Sukam for copies.
His copy shop is at 905 University Avenue, Berkeley, 94701
You can make a donation check out to Sukam Copy, and at the bottom of the check print DONATION TO JASHMINFOUNDATION.COM .This is the website they are setting up, since they learned that starting a non-profit organization takes a long time. Don’t worry. The money will get to the people directly with nothing withdrawn on the way.
I hope this reaches you at a time when you can help. $1.00 here = $100. there, and Kumar will match it.
Ross Drago
Paint Rag Magazine.