The Ascension of Saint Susan

The wave of awareness is swelling.  One day perhaps we will climb aboard and surf it to a new  level of human consciousness.  But just below that place of being right here, Present, Now, in the kitchen, in the car, in the garden, and not lost in the maze of our convoluted thoughts, there is a second level of illusion that is very easy to fall prey to. As we attempt to move from mind into presence, and stand right there in the room we are in, we may easily miss the trickster.


The level I am referring to is that kitchen, living room, car, garden, are all mental constructs.  Not only are these constructs conceptual, but powerful because they are collective consciousness constructs. Indeed, this collective reality is the one we go to when we seek the truth of our being.  We say, I am going to be here and now, no matter how boring doing these dishes can be.  But in doing so, we miss the deeper truth that doing the dishes is a collective concept only, along with dishes and the kitchen sink. READ MORE