Equilibrian -02To me, there is no surface more satisfying than painting in oils on stone. The two images I have included in this article are called Fragments from Equilibrium. They feature portraits of “Equilibrians”, those who live in a State of Equilibrium, neither desirous nor fearful, but present. It is a culture of my own creation that symbolizes  living consciously and in harmony with the universe we are in and of.

As a small move in that direction and as a member of a housing co-op, I offered to create and donate a circle of painted stones that surround the backyard table where we have our monthly co-op meetings. These stones are shown in this article and may be seen by clicking the link at the bottom of this introduction to the full article.

Each stone is positioned significantly in relation to north and south, and represents specific energies, such as nourishing seeds with rain, seeds spouting from the ground to symbolize growth and breakthroughs, etc.

Sitting at the table for our meetings now has a feeling of being surrounded with some sort of universal awareness of these gatherings. It is subtle, but that possibility now exists whereas without being in a circle of symbolic stones it was just one more co-op meeting.

I used flagstones for this circle, and half of them are painted, while every other stone is scratched into with energy symbols in the manner of ancient petroglyphs. My attempt with the painted stones was to find that border between being a recognizable object and being pure energy wave forms, a place that has always fascinated me.

To me, this is the balance point that allows us to manifest what we need to stay alive, as that border allows for “physical” reality, an energy phenomenon, to be influenced by our hearts. READ AND VIEW MORE