In a world that is given to us in the spun form of separate, disrelated objects, painting is often pushed aside as an irrelevant form of entertainment, at best.  In a world of energy making itself resemble separate objects, spun by Awareness Itself, a painted canvas is quite another thing. Indeed, it is not a thing at all. In an energy universe such as this, art is consciousness communion.


When an artist stands before a canvas, that person makes marks on the canvas. The marks made are generated from his or her energy state, which means, their level of awareness, their degree to which they have become conscious of who they are. In short, the marks come from their distance from or closeness to their true Self. What makes a person cry when they see the marks made by Vincent Van Gogh when he beheld his two boots on the floor, is the sudden and unexpected journey that carries us from distraction directly into Van Gogh’s degree of closeness to his state of beholding all that is always before him.  We are sucked into communion with a great soul. We become him, just as Jesus said, this bread is my body, and this wine is my blood.  Both men were making the rest of us aware that this medium of energy can be our common energy body, as an expression of our common Awareness, the singular True Self.  To see a painting is to become the painter for that moment and share that person’s distance from or closeness to the single, common Self.


If an artist has achieved a degree of Self Awareness that is close to the source of our being, it is like a probe launched into outer space that closely orbits our sun.  In standing before a painting that was made by someone who, through whatever experiences, was moved closer to knowledge of the Self, we energetically become that point of view and for that moment we become that artist, just as looking through that probe’s cameras allows us to behold the sun from a few thousand miles away. We  experience the sun’s colossal magnitude, up close.


Beholding a painting is also like adding software to a cell phone or computer.  Seeing the painting is software for our consciousness.  Just as one app may allow you to talk to and see in real time people on the other side of the earth, a painting made by someone who has attained a great closeness to her or his Self, moves we ourselves that much closer to The Self and allows us to see everything in a new and expanded way.  We then have the option of developing that new position or letting it brew in us until we are ready to accept that new identity.  But we have all the information needed to access a higher Self Awareness.  If we stand before a Vassily Kandinsky painting and allow it into our self, we see the vastness of the universe, and feel the expanse of our own Awareness.  A moment prior to that, we were worried about the traffic driving home from the museum.  That is the difference.


In this way, painting is an energetic, consciousness performance.  Who we are is recorded on canvas.  When we realize this, we understand that it is how present we are in that moment that is being recorded. That beholding presence is then imparted into the viewer. Our only job as a painter is to be with that canvas, those colors, as the only thing in the universe. That focus takes us outside of time/space, good/bad, talent/no-talent, indeed, it liberates us from all possible polarities that limit who we truly are.  That degree of presence is then delivered into the viewer in a nano-second.  Evan as we make the painting, we can feel this communion with the future viewer, because time/space has dissolved back into beholding and our intrinsic oneness is brought into visibility.

Art and Article by Ross Drago

Paint Rag Magazine