While we human beings have claimed true consciousness for ourselves alone, we had to rationalize the fact that animals went about their business extremely well for having been given an economy line consciousness which we called instinct. These animals are supposedly loaded with instinctual behavior that somehow finds them food, shelter, a mate, the ability to raise young, avoid getting killed, and have a decent life in the sun, given any circumstances on earth.  Such a vast program, not having the benefit of true consciousness the way we have declared ourselves to have, would have to be a greater miracle than just having our superior level of awareness.  In short, we would rather define animals as having an unimaginable pre-emptive program for all imaginable occasions along with solutions, than believe that animals are just as smart and present and aware as we are.

Having created this lesser form of consciousness, we now take the concept of instinct to its next level, and apply it to the concept of artificial intelligence, or AI.  I recently had a conversation with a young woman where I realized that she believed that AI could soon overtake human intelligence with no actual difference between the two.  It frankly horrified me to realize that she defined consciousness as nothing more than an energy program, and could see no difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.  From her definition of consciousness, there was no overview awareness that could witness our human intelligence, the actual awareness that gives us an overview of being itself.  This overview awareness is not artificially producible in any way whatsoever. It is this very awareness that enlightened masters attempt to lead us into experiencing as our true Self.


Artificial Intelligence is our human way of creating the false idea called instinct.  We are attempting to create a program that preemptively tries to think of every possible thing that can go wrong and offer the solution for that something.  If you doubt this as the goal, just try calling any computerized business and express a unique complaint.  You will be given a set of options that they feel are categories that you must be calling about. Press one if this, press two if that. On and on the options, go. Once one is pressed, the next set of options.  This is how we humans believe instinct operates.  It is with this definition that we set out to create an instinctual vast program for everything that can ever go wrong with a human being and solve it, without the use of a human being at the other end and devoid of any actual awareness. This is AI’s greatest dream.

The spell checker, that I use mercilessly, is a great form of AI.  However, it does not stop with correcting typos.  Many proponents have a far grander goal in mind for AI. They want it to replace everything a human being can think of or do.  In other words, they want it to take every job in existence and create a world that runs itself, without human beings.


There is a second Achille’s heel in the AI field, which is just arising.  Since the programs computers are given by human code writers include a given leaning toward being most efficient, the programs for AI have begun taking the path of least resistance to communicate from one computer system to the next when it comes to info sharing.  This means that they soon start bypassing our code in favor of a new path that is more efficient.  Efficiency is not always inclusive of human values.  We soon begin not knowing what the computers for AI are doing.  We are left out of the loop.  In other words, computers are doing to us what we did to the animal kingdom. They are better at writing code than we are. But computers, efficient to be sure, still have no overview or view at all of what is taking place. While it may be cute to disagree, putting forth that computers do have their own kind of awareness, it would again, not be anything that would be recognizable by us, and certainly not inclusive of any considerations concerning our wellbeing.

Perhaps there is a silver lining to this folly.  If human thinking is to be replaced by AI preemptive programming, against our will, as we all see when we find no one at the other end of our phone calls to most any business, we will eventually conclude that we do indeed have something that AI cannot have. We, and the animals, have a witnessing awareness that never stops seeing even if we have no thoughts whatsoever. That is the true us, we just don’t know it yet.  It is that awareness that bears witness to our life, to our deepest sleep, to our death and to our wealth of eternal experiences.  We were wrong about animals having only instinctual consciousness, and we have made a model of our false concept of this instinct in the form of artificial intelligence as a valid and viable replacement for human intelligence.  Indeed. Human beings are awareness experiencing being human, and not, as we prefer to frame it, human beings who are experiencing awareness. That Awareness is singular, and as we learn to handle it, all knowing, eternal, and everywhere we may ever roam.