Don't Go ThereAs children in the physical world, one as yet unexplored, on occasion we may have moved our hands toward a hot oven. If we were being watched over carefully, an adult would stop us and say “No! Hot!”  If we were not being watched, we would touch the hot oven door, burn our hands, scream and cry.  But with no adult to know what happened to cause us to cry, we may have been comforted or not. We may not have been told not to touch the oven when it was on.

Our next encounter with the oven door may be with no burn attached.  Several times we touched the oven door with no consequences.  Then again, that terrible hot pain.  Eventually we would learn the difference between oven on and oven off.  This is a more complex understanding.  Eventually we learn not to go to explore places that cause us physical harm. In the case of relationships that cause us harm, this may take a lifetime to learn.  READ MORE

Cover Painting by Ross Drago (Detail)