text-image-startThe Energy Art Studio has been providing very reasonably priced painting studio spaces in the East Bay for twenty years.  Created by painter Ross Drago for painters, its goal has always been to be spatially and financially perfect for painters.  The Energy Art Studio provides a sense of privacy as well as  community, independence and help when you need it.  We have a wood shop for building stretchers, which saves studio members hundreds of dollars, skylights, overhead lights, high ceilings, and we’re located at the Berkeley-Oakland-Emeryville border in Emeryville, California. We are open from 7 AM to 11: PM. every day.

The Energy Art Studio collects no deposits of any kind, and does not charge an advanced last month’s rent to move in. There is no membership fee.  The prices range from $135. – to $295. We have both private and semi-private spaces, meaning that some studio spaces share a larger room with one or two other painters. What makes the studio work so well (for twenty years) is that people rarely work at the same time. This means low rent and large, private feeling spaces. It is our way of beating the financial difficulty of being a painter in the Bay Area and needing an affordable, good studio. We also have an etching press, sink, bathrooms,and offer painting instructions. See Painting Instructions to the left.

To see spaces, call Ross Drago at (510 420 1713 or e-mail at   rdrago@energyart.com   At the moment we have two spaces available for  $275. and $295. The later is a private studio.

Below are photographs of several of the spaces:  Give us a call if you have questions. Visit Ross Drago’s paintings at Berkeley Bowl West, and rearrange his interactive painting in the Berkeley Bowl West’s Dining Room.

To Inquire about renting painting studio space call Ross at (510) 420 1713 or e-mail rdrago@energyart.com
No deposits, no advanced last month’s rent, utilities are included, open 8 AM to 11 PM every day, month to month.