Stages of Awareness

In this triptych, there are six aspects of Awareness.  In the center is the “Wedding Feast for Energy and The Void”.  Since a previous article explained this center painting, (The Wedding Feast for Energy and The Void ), I will focus on the two side paintings.  These paintings depict two primary phenomenon in this wedding, the Primary Context of Void-Awareness, and the Primary Content, Energy, the medium of Self Expression of Awareness.  Each stage of this marriage is symbolized here, and each stage may be seen as an expression in our individual lives.

The main premise here is that Energy bursts forth from the Void-Awareness, to express the infinite Possibilities of Awareness. The greatest and most joyful news is that endless emptiness, the Void,  gives continuous and intrinsic birth to Awareness, and Awareness and Love are one in the same.  Therefore, this Awareness, which we call our own personal awareness, is, in fact, an endless sea through which all energy expressions move.  Nothing can take awareness away from us. We, ourselves, are always this Awareness.  It is each person’s destiny to come to know this bliss, and there is endless time for us to come upon this in our own way.


In the first painting, there is a young man.  The young man is being given wisdom by an elder, who paints energy wave symbols on the young  man’s body.  This symbolizes the Energy Medium of our Self expression, what we call physical reality. This young man is having knowledge transferred from the old energy moment to the new. This is an analogy to the phenomenon that, in each moment, each atom is destroyed and then re-created millions of times per second. Thus, atoms are pulsations. The nucleus of each atom expands outward to literally become the electrons, and then the electrons are compressed back to become the nucleus, so that when the nucleus exists, the electrons do not, and vice-versa. This means that in order to fulfill the desires of one moment, the energy medium destroys the existing moment and recreates it in the new desired form.  i.e. A man’s hand is created and destroyed, atomically, in order to fulfill his desire to lift his hand from his pocket and extend it outward to a friend.  In this way, the universe is created, destroyed and re-created millions of times in the blink of an eye. The irony is, that which we fear the most, the loss of our world, the loss of our very body, happens more times than we can count in every second. Truly, what is there to cling to, but the only stable phenomenon in the universe, Awareness Itself which is unmoving and witnesses everything in movement.

This painting also symbolizes that stage of Awareness that transmits the truth from one person to another. The energy nature of what we call physical reality  is being discovered ( received ) by the young man, and taught by the elder ( given ) as a way of passing this wisdom from one generation to the next. This includes those who teach, who write, who use the arts to express the highest awareness, the parents who teach their children what they believe is the truth of being.

The choice is always simple. Do we wish to be in a shared universe of being present in life, or do we choose to step into our own universe of mental projection, which isolates us from the shared universe. Our own projections give us the illusion of belonging to a group of others who entertain a specific mental illusion, which is artificial and untrue. The recognition of this often leaves us seeing that others are in a world of their own thoughts.  This can make us feel alone.  However, going deeper into presence resolves this, as we begin to see that we, as this Awareness, are one with everyone and everything. It is only a matter of time, before the world we are in is peopled with those who share our profound knowledge of who we are. This knowledge is being transmitted from the elder to the young man, to symbolize this information being transferred from one moment to the next.

Preparing The Bride

In the upper right painting, (above) an elder woman prepares the bride-to-be for her wedding.  The elder woman symbolizes that aspect of the Void which cares for, and prepares, each one of us for the changes that take place in our lives. Granted, we are often not prepared for what takes place in our lifetime, but painful as that may be at times, we cannot see that we are being prepared for a new way of life and loving, that was far beyond our previous self-definition. A death of a husband or a wife may seem unbearable and without justification by any point of view. Yet, five years later, for an example, when we find ourselves standing at a podium reading chapters from a book that we have written on overcoming such grief, to an audience of hundreds who are in the throes of that pain, we may begin to see how much larger than our own lives our human function is. We are all here to help one another to awaken to our eternal Self, and to awaken to this in a permanent and stable way that cannot be taken from us by death or any form of suffering.  Only time will show us this, and at the time of loss, no words can explain why this has occurred.

What I loved about the first young woman whom I loved, was the vastness and peace that lay behind her eyes.  One day, we will see that what we love in one another is that which cannot ever be taken away. Our bodies come and go. That which we love about a person is everywhere, and will manifest itself in new forms for the rest of time. That is who the one we love is. That does not go away, ever. And it is that which is our true lover, and this lover takes endless form and cannot leave us. A lover is an ambassador to the innermost peace that is always waiting for us.

The bride-to-be symbolizes the Awareness of the Void. Her veil will symbolize that this Awareness is hidden from our sight, but is always seeing us through the eyes of unconditional love.

Energy Dance

In this image, the young man dances, to allure and bedazzle the One he loves, the young woman.  In his dance, he also expresses his agility, his strength, his quickness, his indefatigable life force and his love of life.  The firelight illuminates him. She sits quietly, invisible behind her veil, bearing perfect witness to his amazing performance. In kinetic agility, energy expresses the infinite potentiality of Awareness.  He appears to be everywhere at once.

The dance  of the young man symbolizes energy, our own magnificent Medium of Self expression.   Energy is the Void’s Medium of Self expression.  Energy leaps out of the Void in sudden self awareness, expresses a new and never before exhibited aspect of Awareness’ infinite possibilities.  Although we humans are so fond of the pretense that there are Mondays and Tuesday, and sayings like ‘Thank God It’s Friday’,  no moment in all time/space ever repeats. Each moment in time/space created by energy’s loving dance is unique to that moment.  Realizing this gives way to a life of creativity and spiritual expressions of the joy and mystery of our being and a wish to be present for each once-in-existence performance.  This insight is what gives us our sense of preciousness in all things.

The Void Reveals Herself

In this image, (above) the young man rests and bears witness to the sensuous beauty of the woman revealing herself to him.  She dances and entrances him with her soft and smooth way of drawing him into a profound comfort and rest, such as he has never known.  She lifts her veil, to show him her true self.  Symbolically, energy has expressed itself, and is now ready to behold the beauty of the Void.  Each does what the other cannot do. The Void cannot move and yet it is everywhere already, and so it does not need to move.  Energy cannot stop moving, yet it can find comfort in its beholding of the stillness of the Void. For this reason, they are lovers.   Together, they are perfect. By revealing herself to him, she shows that he has always been held in the comfort of her witnessing.  The Void Awareness, and the Medium of Energy, are the Primary Context and Primary Content.  Without the presence of both, context and content, there is no meaning.  In the presence of both, all things are of the utmost meaning.  To focus only on content in life, leaves one forever searching for the meaning of life. To focus only upon context, leaves one not seeing the great value of life’s miraculous expressions. To compare all that comes before us to the Void-Awareness, gives us a sudden and profound recognition of the sacredness of all that we see.  How is this miracle possible, we ask. Comparing these to the Void, we are astonished, and ask, ‘How could this chair or bowl of soup possibly be?”

The Union of All Opposites

In this painting, we see that the two become lovers.  There is a moment where all opposites, content and context merge blindingly into one bliss. It becomes revealed that each is created by the other, that both are in reality one and the same.  This Oneness had divided itself into Void-Awareness and Energy Expression of Itself, for the sake of Self Knowing.  It is the moment where it is understood that all apparent differences are actually Wholeness temporarily divided.  Separateness of anything is an illusion. Ecstasy is always attainable by letting go of a shield made of fear. The absence of fear is ecstasy. This feast is always Here, a banquet set for the fearless.

In view of this love making, time/space melts back into timelessness, and spacelessness.  In love, we each experience this, when we see our lover as a primary being. That is, each are visibly the archetype of man or woman, the beloved pair, who like god-heads, are the only ones.  We see one another in a space that is everywhere, and in every time simultaneously. The concept of “We” transforms into the recognition of being the Ones.  At the same time, we see that even this will one day end. That is seeing the eternality as well as the temporality of our being.  The result is that our hearts open fully to the simultaneous ecstasy and the Preciousness of each moment.


In the last painting, a banquet is beginning.  Wine is being poured and food is starting to fill the table. A great celebration is just beginning. The wine symbolizes willingness to let fear fall where fear will.

People of all ages and of all eras in time come to this feast, for it is outside of time/space, where one by one we each become Self Aware, and meet at this eternal celebration and feast.  This is The Eternal Feast of Fulfillment.  It is attended by those who come to the table of their own being and taste the fruit of their own eternal bliss.  Those newly born, or in a state of love, those who know themselves to be pure Awareness in any Self Expressive form, all seat themselves here.  The table is eternal presence. The platters are filled with Self Knowing.

Here, there is a standing invitation and a name card seat for everyone who has ever lived, or ever shall. Each seat is reserved, with the name, ” I “.

Paintings and article by Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine

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