Toymaker's Child I am an Equilibrian, which means that I believe that the primary law of nature is, that All differences seek equilibrium. In any working, natural system, common laws are expressed. In other words, to study any one whole system, is to gain insight into any other whole system. For example, to study electricity’s behavior, a whole system, is the same as gaining insight into the natural behavior even of human beings, another whole system.
With regard to electricity, if there is a difference between one pole and another, electricity flows as a way of equalizing that difference. When electricity surges, there is also a natural reactance, a force that moves in the opposing direction. Yet, current flow overcomes this resistance, and work is done.

In human society, when a difference exists between peoples, energy also surges forward to equalize that difference. Reactance arises, as a natural law. Yet every polar difference has a destiny to be resolved. Nature strives always for Equilibrium.

Western Capitalist dominated society pounds into us that polarity is the natural human condition and offers proof of this by contriving that even the animal kingdom is founded upon perpetual violence, with the strongest taking the rule, and above all, that this world is made of unrelated, separate parts. In actuality, true nature abhors differences. While some species use killing for food, many do not. Anyone who actually studies interspecies relationships finds that cooperation is what sustains forest animals. In short, true nature seeks equalizations of polarity, and the resolution of differences. The human soul seeks union with all things, starting with someone to love and be loved by, a lover, a sense of belonging, and a peace within at being at Home, resting in our true Self.

It is natural that a society with such a vulgar imbalance, where, to quote Dr. Robert Reich, …”the top 400 people own more than the bottom 150, 000,000. Americans,” and to further quote him, “If we are the richest country in the world, where has all that money gone?”, Dr. Reich asks the crowd of Occupy Cal protesters, who rightfully cheer him on.
It is needless to ask if this global protest is right or wrong, good or bad, should or should not be. We, as human beings, follow the energy laws of nature, and to equalize such a difference is the law of the universe, of chemistry, of electricity, of magnetism, of gravity, and of the human spirit as well. There is equality between all things, and this equalization of differences is destined, by natural law.

However, it needs to be clarified what these two polarities truly are. It is only a side effect that these polarities present themselves in the form of the super rich against those whose money was stolen in order to make them the super rich. This outcome is the result of the problem, which is the deeper polarity between a closed heart and an open heart, since this is the foundational dilemma.
A closed heart seeks to accrue staggering amounts of power and money regardless of the price to others and humanity at large, as a way of compensating for an otherwise pointless and empty existence. That is because without an open heart, life’s meaning is not knowable. An open heart, on the other hand, is not only its own reward and justification for being, but a side effect of open heartedness is that one seeks to alleviate the suffering of others as well, as in providing food for the hungry and bringing comfort to the destitute and to those who cannot help themselves. Open heartedness seeks to sustain humanity, continue the well being of animals, preserve the balance in a healthy environment and, in general, strives to sustain life on this extraordinary island of nourishment that exists amidst cold, empty space. An open heart says that all human beings have the right to find work and support themselves, their families, and fulfill their dreams.

This is the age of exposé. But as we begin to see clearly the inequality, we must make it utterly clear that the difference we need to resolve is between a closed heart and an open heart. If we allow the closed heart to dominate our world, its deaf, dumb and blind actions will destroy us all, for a closed heart is a hungry heart that can never be satisfied, ever, not even by the complete annihilation of life on this earth. Fear, if chosen, is insatiable. We must not allow the values put forth by a closed heart to infiltrate this movement with violence and hatred, under any flag , such as the flag of revenge for injustices. Hatred has but one name, and that name is fear! Hatred is a form of cowardice. True courage is being unafraid of opening one’s heart and risk being hurt. A man in a helmet, armed with a club, with a face shield and a weapon at his side is a living expression of being terrified. How frightened would any of us have to be in order to dress and walk down the street or attend a party dressed in that manner? Yet our cultural American beliefs tell us that this is strength and manliness, to be militarily outfitted and armed with weaponry. These are the images of heroics, yet the truly courageous human being stands unarmed and says “I protest this heartlessness.”, or offers a heartfelt solution or philosophy to the world in the face of status quo powers.

We all see where a fear based philosophy has led us. Whether the flag of fear is being flown in the streets as violent protesters or in the corporate board meeting, it is the skull and crossbones of closed heartedness.
If we give our bodies, our minds and our spirits over to fear, we are a dead planet, and we become our own dead history, the ones who took uncountable gifts of beauty and threw them into the trash of monetary power over life itself. This battle ground takes place within our own hearts. There is no other battle ground on earth. Iran is not the battle ground. Nor was Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, or Viet Nam the true battle grounds. They were the side effect casualties and scape goats for all of the lost battles that took place within the human heart. In this age, people are rising up to express that this battle against closed heartedness is at long last on the open stage. As a species, we must open our hearts to everything and everyone on earth. It is the only lesson we are all here to learn. Proof of this is that life without an open heart is life without meaning.

These are the days that we must each begin to build a world based on love and compassion, and turn our backs upon fear and polarity, reject the hollow aesthetic of accruing a fortune, and seek equality for all of humanity. Let us leave no one out of this equation. Let us set the wrongful actions of men straight, but like Krishna who had many lovers but never lost his innocence, bring injustice to justice without losing our love for those whose lifetimes were so sparse of love that they desire ever increasing amounts of power and money to numb their pain. But above all, let no one turn our world into an expression of their insatiable hunger. We will survive only by allowing the love in our hearts to overflow and begin to heal this fear wrecked world.

Article and Painting ( Toymaker’s Child ) by
Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine

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