Eve_and_Adam-3Ross Drago’s video Eve and Adam was described in one word by the late Stanley Greenberg, screen writer of Soylent Green, Sky Jack and Missiles of October, as “Astounding!” Disturbed by the existing interpretation of the Biblical story, Drago re-interprets this age old tale turning it into a metaphorical story of consciousness and  profound love.  This interpretation absolves Eve of the branding of deceiving Adam, and reveals the motive of selfless love for God.  It makes it clear that Adam was not deceived into eating of the forbidden apple, but did so to be with Eve in this defiance of God. And it shows God’s torment at having to set Eve up in order to see if they possessed free will. This version of an archetypal story will stir your heart to tears, and free humanity from the guilt and shame imposed upon us.  This version of Eve and Adam will set us free from what is commonly referred to as Original Sin. It is above all, a love story from every point of view. Hand painted by artist and author Ross Drago, this fifty minute video drama took two years to make.  Hundreds of oil paintings depict each emotional shift in the characters who bring this story to life. It is an animation unlike any other’s you have seen,  dramatically enacted by the author. Eve and Adam premiered at Kimball’s East Carnival Room.

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Eve and Adam: DVD/50 minutes /Animated / $14.95 eve-and-adam-front-cover eve-and-adam-back-cover