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Buffalo Boy Front CoverBuffalo Boy marks the most powerful spiritual lessons of a young boy moving into manhood.  It is also the trajectory of the creative awakening of one who allows life to be the teacher, taking all of the risks that youth affords.  His life is an astounding proof that the universe is a conscious and benevolent overseer of our personal destinies.

Ross G. Drago uses writing, painting and inventing as mediums to teach human-energy consciousness.  He is the inventor of an energy symbol language, founder and Director of the Energy Art Studio and author of several books on human relationships as seen from an energy point of view.

Cover painting entitled Buffalo Skyway by the author’s father, the late Ross J. Drago.
Paperback publication of Buffalo Boy may also be purchased through Amazon,com and as a kindle ebook, through the links below.

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cover for web podcastSky Mind

Sky Mind is a novel about two young Berkeley people, Ana Heller and Pete Carboni,   who believe that they have been chosen to do post graduate studies in the University of California’s  first Parapsychology department.  They soon realize that the University has no Parapsychology Department, and piece together that they are actually doing research for the CIA.  The mission is to discover a substance that greatly enhances  telepathic abilities for the purpose of espionage.

Through some investigating on their own, Ana and Pete stumble upon an Australian aboriginal root tea that actually enhances telepathy, and to a degree that is earth changing.  This adventure novel moves relentlessly toward ever increasing degrees of transparency, in politics, in the CIA and in humanity at large.  As the plot unfolds, so do human secrets tumble out into plain sight, from hidden fantasies to global crimes against humanity.

In this audio novel, all closet doors are turned to glass, revealing secrets that have been trapped for thousands of years alongside covert activities that shock the nation.  This is, above all, a deeply human love story, filled with adventure  and insight into the human heart.

The novel is totally free, so relax with a chapter or two a week.   Sky Mind is Ross Drago’s latest novel.  Here is a link to this free audio adventure.  Let the author know what you think.

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America The Beautiful-Cover-Flat
America the Beautiful , a prophetic set of short stories written nearly thirty years ago, has shockingly come to pass, and is still coming! Visions of not only our environment’s decay, but the bold and visionary solutions to problems that we are still grappling with are explored in each humanistic short story. America the Beautiful uses each stanza of that song as the springboard of an unexpected and deeply human story of the future, which we as Americans are experiencing now.

In “Above Thy Fruited Plains’ Sib and Fletch, timeless characters who could survive every imaginable era change without changing one atom of their being, will slowly lead you to the shocking realization that times are indeed changing. Their skill at absolute denial will astound and amuse you.

In “And Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood”, old Tony Mondo talks his beloved rose bush into colossal blooms that are so large they frighten his neighbors, and he makes it grow by telling his rose bush dirty jokes. When fate places him in a high tech agricultural research facility, his open hearted way of talking to plants turns their world upside down.

Read by the author , the characters come alive and the stories become radio plays, bringing back to our hearts those days when radio was peopled with voices we knew and loved as close friends. Drago’s characters are made to be loved by the reader, and America The Beautiful makes us proud to be Americans for reasons we never thought of before, —because we’re all so outrageously human.

America The Beautiful is the third free audio book sponsored by Paint Rag Magazine. Chapters 3 to 8 have two parts. When the story ends midway, return to the chapters choice page and click that title, Part 2 to continue the reading.

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Identity Is The Crisis-=Cover Identity Is The Crisis

by Ross G. Drago

This insightful book leads us directly to revelations that set us free from false identities conditioned by the past, and hands us the keys to love and true freedom. Ross Drago uses a graphically clear energy language to describe identity, and invites us to step out of our imprisoning self-definitions into freedom  not imagined.

A diagram of our identities may be filled out showing us exactly where we have limited ourselves, and leading us out of binding beliefs given to us before we could defend ourselves from identities grip. Identity Is The Crisis will change your life.

Surja Jessup, M.S., C.H.T., is a holistic therapist in Berkeley, California, who uses acupressure, meditation and guided imagery in her private practice. She has created the audio guided visualization specifically for Identity Is The Crisis included in this reading by the author. Surja can be reached through her website at

Identity Is The Crisis is entirely free in audio form presented by Paint Rag Magazine.