If you or I were to invent a God, what perceptions would we give this God?  Let’s see, let’s see. Oh, of course! Eyes!  That way he or she could see as far – well, as far as the eyes could see. That means that if this God had a clear night, let’s call our God a She, She could look out at the night sky and actually perceive what is hundreds of millions of light years away. How Godly is that?

Okay, that’s great. Now, what about hearing? Let’s think of something that would allow this God to hear any sounds, from the crunch of new snow under a cat’s feet to a sparrow singing in the morning.  This God would be able to hear even the wind blowing by, and the creaking of trees in the nearby forest or in our own backyard. That would be pretty amazing and God-like, to hear things as well as to see them.  I know, let’s give Her a pair of ears, one on each side of a head that turns in any desired direction. She will be able to experience Her desires no matter what they may be, and these ears will allow her to hear music in everything or to sing on or off key, as She pleases.

I think we’re doing great.  How about some way to have the freedom not to be locked into the moment, so that She can have a sense of how She got to where She is standing, and also a sense of where, after this moment, She might like to go, and have that all be a coherent whole.  How about, something inside that head, something like—maybe, walnut shaped, the inside part—oh, let’s give Her a brain! It can remember where it came from and plan where it would like to go, while Her own ability to be present will keep her sane and grounded.

Now, we want for Her not to be lonely.  Let’s make a male version of Her, and they can keep each other company to while away eternity.  We’ll give these Gods the ability to love. They will be made of love itself, as you’d expect a God or Goddess to be. They’d have the freedom not to love, to do anything they pleased, but it won’t hurt them to love, only to want love back. When She and He get together, they can make wonderful love, and then She can have another God, just as unbelievably perfect as He and She. I know, it can grow inside of her, and in a few months, another God will come out of her! The new God will have all of the same perceptions and a body and a mind and the same awareness as He and She.

No, that’s impossible! This is going too far, even for Gods. Another God coming out of Her?

No, it can work. We’ll work out all the details. We can do it on a need-to-know basis. When someone wants to know exactly how it works, we’ll make up something intelligent that explains it, some religion or some science. Whatever works.

No, they’ll never believe it.  It’s all too preposterous. Besides, they’d have to live somewhere, like on a planet that would have to have a star or something nearby just to keep them warm and let things grow. They’d need day and night to give them rest from their doing things to stay alive, and food that came from nowhere. Where would their food come from? Nowhere? Out of the ground? Do you think fruit grows on trees?  It just falls into their hands when they reach up? And water, where would they get water from, the very essence of life? Would it fall from the sky? No, this is all too unbelievable for them to take seriously. They’ll figure out immediately that this is all a fabulous, magical, miraculous dream world.

No, trust me, they’ll create egos. They won’t think twice about it.

Ross Drago
Paint Rag magazine
Ceramic Tile: by the author: Father and Mother-with-Child.
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