Repeated Chapter Link Signifies Parts 1 and 2 of A Story
01-Rude Awakening
02-Winter Beauty
03-Moving to plymouth aveneue
03-Moving to plymouth aveneue

04-A Chicken is a Chicken
05-Teddy Bear-1
06-Sidewalk Constellation
07-Soft Clay
08-A Sense of Wholeness
09-Fish Think They Can Fly
010-The Stars
011-Lower Mathematics
012-A Cosmic Jack in a box
013-When My Mother Defended Me
014-Tony Baloney015-When God and I Get The Giggles
016-My Father's Dream
17-Biagio's Eyes
019-Across the Street
020-The Hatred in Peter's Fists
021-First Review

022-Mr. Gagino
023-A Life for a Life
023-A Life for a Life
024-Seeds of Anger
025-Family Tree
026-Aunt Carmella's Farm
028-Waiting for the Bank to Open
029-Usher for Jail House Rock
030-Uncle Mike
031-Winter Beauty-2
033---The Draft
034----Forest Spirits
035-Dovetailed Dimensions
036-Smoked Oysters, Bourbon and Water
037-Zoar Valley by Moonlight
038-Light Machine
039----The Man I Was Not
042-Heat-First Helper
043-Heat----The Pit