Sacred ZebraThe new level of consciousness is about to simply take place, as a kind of season change. If the weather outside is 98 degrees Fahrenheit, few people, if any, have difficulty being hot. In bitter cold weather, conversely, few have trouble feeling chilled to the bone. The new level of awareness is like a changing season. We don’t need to work at having it happen to us, any more than we need to practice feeling too overheated in winter as preparation for how we will feel on a hot summer day. Many will work hard at keeping the new consciousness at arm’s length, but that will be a useless effort in the end. A higher frequency of perception is about to come upon us. Nothing to fear. With it will come greater wisdom, insight and clarity of mind and much deeper inner peace. Human values are about to shift to a higher state, though the transition may be unnerving at times, as transitions sometimes are. For example, quitting smoking is awkward. Having quit smoking, however, is great, and the rewards are countless, to us and to everyone else.

As this new consciousness develops, one morning, one by one, we will wake up, stretch, walk toward the bathroom, and begin to notice that we are happy to be alive, regardless of what circumstances we find ourselves in. This will take place slowly, and it has already begun. Things that we have chronically feared will seem trivial. It will be the Spring of Awareness.

Where is this radiant energy coming from? In a way, we’ve earned it, but it is also part of the new season. The season and our earning it are one and the same, so why try to pull it apart? For centuries we have clung to and dramatized our polar differences. I am this, and you are that, and we shall never look into one another eyes or sparks shall fly, either of hatred or uncontrollable desire, it matters not, sparks are sparks. Sparks mean out-of-self-controlled polar differences and identities that are fear/desire based. As we withdraw our identity from the ways in which we have defined ourselves for the past millennium, we begin to center ourselves in simply being. As this process increases, through becoming weary of the dramas we have enacted, polarized energy (desire and fear) settles back into being not polarized plus-or-minus energy, but is transformed back into radiant consciousness, perceiving and living in the joy of being.

To the degree that we surrender ideas of who we are supposed to be, we start to become the universe. That’s a hard leap to make, I know, but it helps to know that to the degree that we have some kind of identity, a self concept – “I am an artist,” “I am a realist,” “I am a skeptic,” “I am smart,” “I am stupid,” “I am beautiful,” “I am ugly” – all of these in-our-head conceptualizations that we sustain moment by moment, cause us to feel separateness from oneness with the universe we are in and of. As we let go of these concepts, of our religion, of our nationality, of our race, of our gender, of our financial status, we begin to merge with the entirety of the universe. In other words, zero self-definition is being all things at once, in all imaginable time/spaces, our God Consciousness, our true Self. But we have preferred being a little something than to be one with everything. The season change is this. We are finally letting go of our identities and this is bringing us all back to radiant consciousness. The message is, it’s just going to happen to us, without any effort on our parts.

This is a Divine Quantum Leap of Consciousness. It will lift our spirits higher and higher. There is a lot of new radiant energy heading our way. What it means is, if Jack is a cigarette smoker, Jack usually has a cigarette when something excites him above a certain arbitrary energy level. When something excites Jack’s energy to this degree, Jack has a smoke to take him back down to where he was raised or is comfortable feeling. The problem with this is, the new energy is going to be increasingly rising. Jack will start to chain-smoke, or if he chain-smokes now, he will double-chain-smoke. At some point he may even get the idea of smoking two cigarettes at a time. He may even try it. At this point Jack sees that smoking is not in his best interest, and even fellow smokers are starting to stare at him with incredulity. Now, it is no longer cool to smoke among other smokers, but a little strange even for the most stubborn holder-on-ers, as I was for much of my life. It took a heart attack immediately followed by two weeks of pneumonia to get me to quit smoking, because I believed that it was the real deep down me that was doing the smoking. This is identity.

Each of us has little or big unconscious habits. These will become so escalated in frequency that we will not be able to keep up with doing them at the old frequency. The merry-go-round of our polarized (fear-desire based) identities will start to turn so fast that we will become exhausted trying to get off of our pony or giraffe each time the music stops and then run and jump back onto them when the music suddenly starts up again. The calliope music will be in high speed, until it becomes absurdly fast. At this point we will stop and stare at the merry-go-round we may have spent our life on, our false ideas of ourselves, and simply remember that we are happy just as we are. Moreover, we are deeply at peace in self-acceptance.

We will look for answers to why this is happening. Some will explain to us that it is their religion that is coming to Earth and that you had better join in order to be saved. Everyone will attribute the new feeling of increasing well-being and energy to some reason. It is not about reasons. It is simply cracking the nut of polarity and letting the radiant consciousness shine. It is the “season” to feel joy in our being and love for all that is, on a galactic time frame. The leaden weight of fear and anger that we have dragged from decade to decade, century to century, handed down from generation to generation, is too heavy for us to habitually drag and proudly carry for the rest of the journey. We are leaving it here. From now on, we are traveling light, and it feels better than we had ever imagined or dreamed possible for our fear-exhausted human race. Don’t try to be awakened. Don’t try to be holy. Don’t try to become more conscious than we already are. It will lift us upward like a tidal wave, and one day we will turn in tears and see the enormous beauty that being has brought to us, and love will fill our hearts for one another and for all. Just relax, and enjoy the free ride to a higher frequency of perception.
And what does that mean? It means that waves of fear and of desire have been ten feet high and ten feet deep, making waves that are twenty feet from trough to crest. These are typical waves of self-definition within us, as the culture has insisted we become from birth. This also means that we are ten feet from the peace of being our true self, which is non-polarized, not a wave.

Because the waves of our identity have been so huge for so long, it takes us a very long time to see the patterns of our behavior. We usually cannot see where the ten foot high and ten feet deep twenty foot waves of fear and desire that we are surfing is heading, simply because it is too high a wave to see over. As the waves of identity become higher in frequency, the waves become smaller and far more frequent. This means that we see exactly where each series or rhythm of waves is heading. The patterns of our lives become perfectly visible and obvious at a glance. Also, the waves of fear and desire are so small that we cannot take them seriously as threats, or as desires that may sweep us off our feet. We are maturing as a species. We are leaving our teens. We are beginning to perceive the existence of others, and learning that we need not beg others to take care of us and be disappointed or even outraged if they cannot. We can take care of ourselves.

These waves of identity, by the way, did not come from us, even though we were taught to think that they are the real us. They came from other people’s opinion of us, often when they were not happy with our behavior. Still other waves of identity came from compliments. Our culture also teaches us to identify with waves of fear and desire as our self-definition, asking us constantly what we will be when we grow up. Media and entertainment is filled with heroes that we are supposed to emulate, from Batman and Spider man to Jesus, and then to feel lesser or ashamed for not being all that these super-heroes are. “If you can’t walk on water, then don’t tell me that you’re awakened or have God Consciousness”, Christian theology explains, as a way of keeping God up above and each of us way down here, needing the Church to act as a go-between for God. While society gives us continual examples of hyper-perfection, it simultaneously shames us for not being just like them. In the fifties, the world of art implied that there were only about five real American artists, because their art sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, while all of the rest of us were not yet real artists. It is this burden, creating super-heroes while the rest (most of humanity ) fall by the wayside and are thought to be of no real value, that we are starting even now to see through. It is never mentioned in Christian theology that the reason Christ could heal the sick is because he had zero self-definition, and was therefore indistinguishable from the universe at large. Hence, the power to heal. We humans are growing tired of chasing perfection and being driven by the whip of guilt and shame, or running after the glory of becoming a superstar. Anyone who knows a superstar knows how terrifying the fear is that the glory can come to a very abrupt end the instant someone sexier and younger appears on the scene, as polarity dictates.

The new awareness will no longer look to father figures to take care of us, as our society has done for centuries. Frightening as it may be to leave our parents’ home, there is great enthusiasm about the new world that we can create for ourselves, with our own values, as explained in the article called Cooperative Democracy, in this Magazine as one example. This higher frequency of perception has brought others into visibility, and we see that so many people on Earth have been crying for the help that we can give. Here in America, there are countless casualties of indifference and polarized consciousness. Healing these wounds will bring us all immense joy and fulfillment. We are coming of age. They say that there is a second coming. That second coming is all of us, each in our own unique way, opening our hearts to the new world we have just begun to perceive, as the frequency of our consciousness rises with the new and radiant light that shines when desire and fear are placed together in the same time/space inside of us, and there they cancel one another, releasing the radiant consciousness, from where they came.

Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine