Horse and RiderImagine an endless line of riders, being paired to an endless line of horses.  Each rider is given a horse. The horse is male or female. The horse may be robust, charged with life force, or frail, barely alive, or healthy but headed for a great illness.  It may be any of an infinite number of ways that a horse can be.

A rider and a horse are given to one another. The rider mounts the horse, and the horse moves on to become that rider’s life.  One thing is clear when horse and rider set out. Neither knows what will occur, but the rider understands that this experience will be about the nature of that horse and what it has to teach the rider, and what the rider can express through the horse.

If we viewed the circumstances of our lives as a horse that we are riding, one in which we are given no reins, we may eventually relax and enjoy the ride, wherever it leads us.  The more we let go of trying to make the horse go where we believe it should go, the more amazing becomes the ride.  We are the riders of our lives.  Life is a ride in a park suited to the infinite level of sophistication that awareness is.

All that the horse requires is presence, and it will do the rest.  It is the heart of the rider that steers the horse, and not the rider’s fists.

That which is before us, in all of its lack of glory, is the glorious moment most search for.  Before us at any given moment is the miracle of existence, a blossom of something-ness amidst a sea of nothingness.  As such, it takes our breath away with its fragrance. In the present, we may touch it, hold it, smell of its sweetness, taste it,  and express our love for it, for whatever stands before us is all that exists in the universe of possibilities. If we knew that all that we imagine exists, was no longer in existence, and only what is before us in this second exists, our hearts would burst open and become like a radiant sun.

Life is streaming.  Only our hearts are large enough to receive its gifts. We are the riders, bareback, given neither saddle nor reins. When all illusions fall away, trust and presence are all that stand, and these are more than enough to steer us safely through eternity.

Article and drawing, “Horse and Rider”, by Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine.

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