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Michelangelo’s statue of David, who is about to spring from his profound repose, whirl his sling and bring down Goliath, is seventeen feet tall!  It was created in 1502.  It has taken 510 years to see the obvious truth of this master’s message to us all:  David becomes Goliath!

If this visionary revelation is true, then what does it mean to each of us, even, and especially, today, when Goliath is standing before us all, laughing at our helplessness from those corporate powers that are destroying our world for profit’s sake, while our hearts and eyes search for a stone to place in our feeble sling?

The message is clear.  Whatever we do as a people to end the tyranny of Profit at Any Price to Life Itself laws and mentality, will eventually become the new tyrant, unless this transformation rises above the two polarities of Fear and Desire, into a world based not only upon our minds’ brilliance, but our hearts’ openness to all and one another.  If we act in rage against a tyrant, we are soon to become the new tyrant, since the energy law will come into play that states, whatever energy state an expression is conceived in, continues to generate that quality of energy.

We may see from this that the struggle based on polarities – good vs. evil, compassion vs. willful self-centeredness – is a constant.  These forces, as themselves, are always to be in existence.  Like a long water balloon, one may well stomp on the swollen full end as a way of stamping that bloated bulge out, only to see that, in time, it has shifted the bulge over to the opposite end of the water balloon, and now what was so terribly lean  has become terribly overfilled as the other side used to be.  The amount of water is a constant in a closed system.  The answer is simple, leaving it alone and focusing upon the riches that we all bring into the world as who we truly are, is what allows the water in the balloon to even out.

By a shift in what we, as individuals, value, we withdraw our energy from fattening the powers that are ruthless, and place that energy in new directions that cause the entire battle to dwindle and die.  For example, rather than fighting the industry that genetically controls the world’s seeds (by having created seeds that need them alone to reproduce next year’s food for mankind, an act that is a crime against humanity to say the very least), we may begin growing seeds of non-genetically modified food and start a seed bank in every city.  It takes only an empty storefront, of which there are an abundance, thanks to corporate greed. This store front may be paid for  by seed-grower members.  If money is so corrupted that it cannot be brought back to a sane reality, start a new standard based upon organic, non-GMO seeds including beans of every kind in a seed bank for every city.  Make a pound note of currency physically represent a pound of seeds or beans that won’t give us cancer  when eaten. That new pound note means that it can be traded in for a pound of beans. Never make a pound note until a pound of beans is stored, and never take a bean or two off the pound to pay the bean-keeper.  Let the bean bank grow its own beans and keep a private stock, but not take from the pound note that it protects for us. Of course there are seeds and beans in great abundance everywhere, so why use them as a standard of currency? Simply because in an economic collapse, try and get at those beans. Only Pound Notes will still be negotiable and forever stable and of actual value as food.

This is a possible system. But let us say that by some luck it comes into being. Once there are  pound notes, fifty-pound  and one thousand pound notes, become possible  Soon we attempt to protect ourselves from fake fifty-pound notes. In time, we have created yet another self-protecting Goliath.  Just as the world wide web can undermine corporate monopolies of yesterday, they create new ones of today and tomorrow.

From this we may draw some conclusions.  My conclusions are these: We may have no choice but to attempt to rectify injustices and do everything we can think of to create a system that has a heart as well as a mind, but above all, we must make this new system from a place much closer to our true selves. This means that we do not invest our identities in our actions.  We must act from a place that is above polarized fear and desire, and celebrate not what we can accumulate in desire or protect ourselves against in fear, but live knowing that we ourselves are greater than all desires and any fear.  We as individuals are the Witnesses to this expression of being we call life on Earth.  Only when we build a society that knows who we truly are – eternal awareness to all of this energy expression of infinite possibilities – can we create a stable society that values all things life sustaining and love filled.  Atomic structure is a pure and simple expression of the merging between intelligence and absolute love.  Science studies nothing less than all of these myriad expressions of intelligence bonded in love, give it whatever Latin name we will. All disciplines are the study of expressions of unconditional love married to unfathomable intelligence. There is nothing else in existence, so how can anything that exists not be this and only this?

When we know as individuals that we are all expressions of love, and that we are nothing more and nothing less than ever-changing expressions of that love, we will be in a position to begin, for ourselves, to create our personal universe as a conscious and non-polarized, radiant expression of the truth of our being.  I say, let the American people, you and I,  lead in that, and allow the world built upon concocted desires and fortified fear, atrophy into the distant past. Americans can take true leadership in the direction of expressions of the true Self, creating a society that takes pride in its differences, radiantly desires only for everyone on Earth to know and express who they are, and offer this knowledge to society as a whole, as their gift back to humanity at large.  How to achieve such a monumental task? Ask your heart. The heart has always known the answer to questions our minds can only hopelessly entangle itself in.

Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine

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