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Human beings have proven that we can do most anything.  That is, if it takes bold and brazen commitments, extraordinary hard work against all odds, we are there with our hard hats and lunch boxes to show the world that we can do the job.  We are great in an emergency. What we don’t seem to be able to do easily is sit down with one another and have an honest talk about what we can do to stop this train from becoming a calamitous wreck that will end in T.S. Elliot’s whimper, followed by a hundred thousand years of silence.

The problems are staggering, but I believe that they have an essence. The essential shift that needs to be made in order to undo the social, environmental, educational, economic, health and cultural catastrophes we all face today  is from a mind and money based society to a heart based society.

First, we need to come off of our addiction to heroics and our search for heroes. Concerning this, I am reminded of two types of ship captains.  It is evening, and three miles ahead of the ship is a great iceberg.  In the case of the first type of captain, he goes about his business, until fifty feet before the iceberg, the danger horns begin to blow. He jumps up and commands the ship into reverse, locking up those who cannot work to keep them out of the way of the functioning crew and for their own safety, while others batten down what is moveable as the ship lurches to a halt and reverses course just in the nick of time. This is the heroic captain!  He has saved the ship from disaster! He will go down in the log as a man of great courage and skill at being the captain of the ship.

The second type of captain sits with his crew playing cards.  They are three miles before a great iceberg.  This captain excuses himself from the game every half hour, checks the radar screens and then goes quietly to the bridge and has the course changed by one degree. He then returns to the poker game.  That evening, there is nothing to report. This captain, if the crew were asked, is nice, but something of a bore.  On Yelp, he has one and a half stars.  The heroic captain, on the other hand, has five stars and fifty rave reviews.

As a culture, we are addicted to heroes, excitement, drama, and polarity differences that are played  loudly by the media until the next distraction occurs that is then played loudly to cover up all that  going on with  the political-industrial-military self serving activities.

We have enjoyed our heroics for centuries, when we were not powerful enough to take out the whole planet and all of life on earth, such as with nuclear power plants that are taken in an instant by the sea.  The day of heroics has to come to an end. We need to end the concept that there is one hero who will save us just in the nick of time.  We need to change our way of solving problems and our way of defining what it is to be human, if we are to save ourselves.  We need to sit down and talk about the trouble we are in, and then do something ourselves to change the course of a projected ill fated future. We children need to come of age and start to cooperate with one another.

One problem at a time, we need to find a reasonable solution and immediately apply it. The first problem, as I see it, is that we have a habit of allowing bullies to take over the destiny of actions.  That is, the people who become part of the military decision makers, the political decision makers and the industrial decision makers, are the wrong people to care-take humanity, life and the general quality of life and survival on this tiny planet.  They have other agendas that often look down upon the tender side of humanity, the side we know and love.  These include child raising, diet, education, culture, health, community, and environment. Military training hammers tenderness out of young men and women, throws them into harm’s way whenever corporate forces are threatened, and then sends them home to spend the rest of their lives trying to forget what they did to other human beings. We have confused power with the ability to do as we please regardless of consequences to others.  We have allowed those powers to trade our survival and compassion for money.

Money was meant to help people meet their needs. Now people have become something needed by big money to assure the needs of big money.  We need to solve this problem.  There is no stopping certain people who are in power but who live in fear from accruing more and more ability to defend themselves, economically, militarily, and politically. These people are essentially terrified and need stupendous quantities of protection, in the form of money, military power and political grip.  They want to triumph, and triumph always involves trampling upon someone else. Triumph exists only over something.  If you argue that it is possible to triumph over something agreeably bad, such as cancer, I would like to point out that  what we have done in place of triumph over cancer is create a mega industry that is perpetually searching for a cure for cancer and making a fortune in that search-for-a-cure industry.  At the same time, we have favored a diet and industrial practices that perpetuate cancer. All of this, while we dangle the carrot of triumph-over-cancer, and encourage women to walk sixty miles to end breast cancer by giving that cancer cure seeking industry more money. At the same time, doctors are schooled by pharmaceutical-industry written text books, whose drug related side effects are furthering a need for hospitals and pain killers.  That is what happens when we view challenges as a battle to be triumphant over. Similarly, triumph over terrorism as a call to action has been used as justification to take away many of our constitutional rights.  We need to redefine what real achievement is. One heroic person is no longer sufficient to solve these problems.  Our growth as a society needs to be created by many ordinary people doing small things, consistently, to change our destiny into one that is livable.

Let’s start by replacing the flag of triumph with the flag of cooperation. In a disaster, people cooperate with strangers.  Yesterday I saw a woman who was dressed as if on her way to church, standing with an old homeless man who had fallen.  His head was bleeding and she was dabbing away the blood with a handkerchief.  She was an African-American woman and he was an old Caucasian man.  They appeared to not know one another, yet she stood there cleaning this man’s wound.  I circled around the block to see if he needed a ride to the hospital, but in Berkeley going off the main roads leads one into a maze of obstructed small streets that lead nowhere. I headed back on my way to work without being able to return to the same spot where I thought I had seen them. Two weeks ago, a neighbor, friend and fellow housing co-op member mentioned that he had passed a man who was sleeping in a store front doorway with only a thin blanket over him on a cold California night.  He went home, found a blanket, brought it back and covered the man with a warmer blanket.  These are actions that express the heart.  We have created a society, and mostly allowed a society to be created, that expresses the intellect.  Primarily the society we have allowed to grow has used the intellect to be money smart and heart foolish.  Now we need to reinvent our society as an expression of our hearts.

A heart based society is how we may solve the problems created by head based social structures.  The mind can be a private, isolationist promoting phenomenon that leads us each deeper and deeper into separation, or it can come into alignment with the heart.  The heart brings us together and unites us all into oneness.  Those chasms that are created by our different beliefs cannot be leapt across by the mind that created them. The heart, however, is on both sides of the chasm already. There is no chasm to leap across when viewing from the heart.  How do we make the shift from a head based society to a heart/head based society?

The concept that there is a big, separate world out there that we are separate from is a treacherous misconception.  In my life I have done things that hurt other people’s feelings unconsciously simply because I believed that I was so unimportant a person that it did not matter what I said or did.  I had no self concept and no sense of significance. When I began to see that I actually do affect other people, I began to be conscious of what I said, and I became more sincere in my communications. What I said and did mattered to others, and they could be hurt by my cavalier attitude.

We also believe as a society that we are of no significance and have no power to stop the global events that are threatening our world. We see ourselves as single people in a vast world which we have little or no impact upon. This misconception is as dangerous as my own.  But this is a false concept of our true power.  Tom Shadyac’s film I Am shows how the heart sends out electromagnetic broadcasts to the rest of humanity and beyond between every heart beat.  The heart beat is a carrier wave, meaning that large amounts of information ride on the electro-magnetic waves that our heart puts out; exactly like a radio broadcast station. This broadcast is picked up and understood by others, as proven by monitoring the thought patterns of people.  In other words, we are all part of a vast and connected heart-net. The feeling of being you is the feeling of being all living beings.  We are that connected. Every feeling we have is shared by all of humanity.  The concept of feeling alone in a separate world is a serious misconception.

Feelings of separation and therefore helplessness also lead us to anger, violence, wanting desperately to be seen and heard and recognized. In truth, everything we do affects the whole of humanity and all living things around us.  The same film as mentioned then shows a bowl of yogurt that is hooked up to electrodes and to a response meter.  With no connection that is physical or electronic from the yogurt to Tom Shadyac, when he is asked to think of his lawyer, the yogurt goes into trauma because of the energy that Shadyac’s heart puts out when feeling the anxiety of his relationship to his lawyer.  Again, to think that we are alone in the world is not a valid idea. Each one of us is as powerful as any human being on the planet, and influences the whole of humanity and nature with every heart beat.  The human heart is a part of a perfect democracy and connected to a perfect heart-net.

Given this astounding reality, we begin to see that by shifting from a mind dominated way of seeing the world to looking at the world through our hearts, we each broadcast a major influence on other people, especially those that we are in any sort of relationship to, even driving down the street at 35 mph.  This is true power, and this is the new power that will save our world. First realize that we are extraordinarily powerful as an influence on our world, and secondly, begin to use our power to create a world that is heart based and therefore continually connected.

Some of us have enemies. We know that if we were to approach those people with open arms we would be seriously rejected.  But there is no danger to us in simply opening our hearts to those people. The Bible tells us to love or enemies.  Probably anything that holy books tell us to do that actually helps us to love one another is good advice. Anything that leads us to see ourselves as separate from one another is not good advice.   But when we realize that we need not attempt to talk to people who despise us, but that we are connected to their heart and mind through our own heart, we can fill our own hearts with love for them, and begin to dissolve the feelings of hatred.  This, alone, means that we may choose to live in a world that has only loving relationships. Hating others, as well as anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts have also been  proven to alter our body, allowing disease and illness to gain a foothold.

Living in a loveless world is a choice that we make moment for moment, because the new facts show that we are able to pour love into the world at large and change that world accordingly. That is now provable fact, not that it needed to be for those who intuited it from the start.

For five minutes, starting tomorrow, try this experiment if you find this as hopeful as I do. Try spending just five minutes feeling love for whatever or whomever comes before you, whether driving, working, walking, shopping or whatever we may be doing, and see if this changes the experience of being and even changes the behavior of the others around you.  Do this with the knowledge that your heart is literally broadcasting that love into the hearts and minds of everyone that you see, even if both of you are driving by one another.  This connection is proven and measured. It is not fantasy.

Immediately it will become clear that we exert tremendous influence on the world we are in, as an immediate surrounding environment of people and all living things, including trees, plants, animals, but we have been doing so unconsciously.  When we were angry or upset, we were broadcasting that anger to all that we drive by.  We can hear and feel anger in the sound made by someone else’s truck or car. We can feel compassion when someone slows or stops to let us enter back into traffic from a parking space or driveway. This recognition is very powerful. It means that we have always had the power to change our immediate reality experience and world into one of love and connection, and now we have our hands on the controls. We may choose to live in a world of connection and unity over choosing to live in a world or anger, separation, isolation and disconnection. It is we who determine which kind of world we want to live in and make it so every second by the very beating of our hearts.

With this understanding, we may begin to construct a new world view.  We may begin to let go of the false concept that we are helpless to assert change over the world, and start constructing the world with enthusiasm. We may enter into a world that we have great influence over, because of our new found power to affect humanity locally and as a whole by our energy connection to all living things. We may also redefine ourselves not as human beings, but as human energy beings.

This insertion of the word energy between human and being is a quantum leap for humanity, and one that is well worth the making.   It reverses the illusion of separateness of the human race from all of nature, from the very universe we are in and of.   It has marvelous implications and ones that we may take the benefits of immediately.

Being a human energy being shifts the emphasis in that set of concepts.  This makes a world and universe of difference to our way of seeing ourselves. We rejoin a family of all other Energy Beings. Awareness is expressing itself in this living energy field as every imaginable kind of energy being.  The first benefit is that we are no longer alone in the universe, for, as the Native Americans knew so well, there are deer energy beings, turtle energy beings, a sun energy being, a moon energy being, tree energy beings, an earth energy being, lake energy beings, and owl energy beings, on and on. All are unified as energy expressions of aspects of Awareness.  Each kind of energy being expresses a unique aspect, quality or possibility of the nature of being the Self Same eternal awareness.

We are, above all, pure awareness in the form of a human energy expression of what it is like to be Awareness.  We have chosen human nature as the closest expression of what it feels like to be  Awareness.  Trees have taken the energy form of a specific kind of tree to describe what it feels like to be eternal Awareness.  Trees say in their tree being, “Being awareness is like being blown randomly to some place, any place in the universe, and sinking roots down forever and opening upward forever to drink in pure energy from above and drink in sweet water from below, pumping the sweetness upward through yourself and outward giving the sweetness back to the all giving one, as expressed by our Sun.”  That some trees live for eighteen hundred years such as the giant redwoods once did, is a testimony to expressing eternal awareness.  The very shape of the tree, roots and trunk assume the shape of the universe itself as a great vortex taking in from one end and giving out from the other in a siphon of perpetual receiving and giving out, describing and following in manner the shape of galaxies and the shape of atoms alike. Trees take on the very shape of magnetic fields.

As conscious awareness, trees have been our predecessors by millions of years. If we believe in evolution, we must consider trees to be ancient and wise energy beings whose evolution has been in both physical and intelligence realms.  Is it not brilliant to hide ones seeds in the center of a sweet apple so that animals will eat it, carry it off and drop its seeds in fertilizer and moisture that enhances its chances for growth?  Is this not proof that trees posses an awareness of animal nature as well as the nature of trees by the design of apples?  Animal nature is outside of the nature of trees, yet they have designed their propagation based upon the nature of things outside of themselves. Was it dumb luck that apples are sweet, and seeds hide safely in their center?  Are we truly that arrogant as to need to dismiss all of nature’s brilliance as dumb luck?  Science is at long last adding consciousness to nature. It is the only way that all of this brilliance, this staggering intelligence, such as the existence of an immune system or DNA or anything that lives and grows can be explained.

The truth, to my way of thinking, lies between God did it all and ask no more questions, and It all happened by accident and some accidents worked while other blind accidents fell by the way side.  Between these two extremes, lies the truth.  Nature itself is a perpetual expression of Awareness in the medium which we call energy.  Energy is the paint of Awareness.

By shifting our definition of intelligence from our minds to our hearts, and approaching the design of our social structure from our heart’s intelligence and interconnectedness with all other energy expressions of Loving Awareness, a new world will grow rapidly out of the ashes and suffering created by a world based upon fear, mind and money.  This is the quintessential revolution, bloodless, painless and sustainable.

Article and Painting, Tree Lovers, by Ross G. Drago

Paint Rag Magazine

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