Several of John Vias’ pieces displayed here will show you what I mean. Each was taken in darkness, exposed long enough to add light to light until the image reached such an accumulation of light that it allows the human eye to see what is there. But there is more to these images than a gathering of light. There is a common feeling to Vias’ work, a feeling of silence, being at peace with that solitude, and profound patience, which all of us need. It is the ability to silence our minds and look at what may seem impossible to understand, until slowly it begins to make itself visible. In my world, John Vias is the patron saint of patience, trusting that the light will dawn on us if we open ourselves to what is before us and wait patiently.
Here are a few of Vias’ images, taken in darkness and revealing a vision otherwise not meant for us to see.
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Untitled-3 copy
Untitled-2 copy
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Night Flowers
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