Corn GodThere is so much wisdom and talk about Awakening.  The kettle of human consciousness has sat for thousands of years with only a scant few early spiritual “poppers” transforming from a tight kernel of corn into a full blown ecstatic piece of awakened pop corn.  But I am hearing that long awaited muffled sound that always comes when popping corn.  First one pop, then a moment later, another. The excitement rises, two more make that unmistakable sound of popping. We are at a time in the evolution of human consciousness where the sound of multiple, ever increasing popping into Self Realization is happening right now.  In our lifetime the kettle lid will be pushed off of the old kettle and pop corn will overflow into the streets and offices, into the churches and schools, into the art shows and movie theaters and into the homes and businesses where there will be no mistaking it. Human consciousness is popping into awakeness as we one by one remember who we truly are.

There is an easy way to practice this awakening.   Perhaps it is slanted more toward visually minded folks like myself.  Here is the drill:

Look around you, anywhere,  not so much at any one thing as much as at everything before you, right where you are. Rather than seeing a clock or a desk top, a computer screen or the words written on the computer screen, shift your perception and see it all as one energetic whole.  Include whatever you can see of your own body in this energy medium, and don’t just include what you can see, but include whatever your body feels.  It will feel increasingly cozy. Embrace this coziness as you withdraw your consciousness from seeing lots of separate objects and begin to see it all as forms of energy, like a holodeck,  that include your thoughts, your feelings, your body, and the room.  It is all energy.  If it comes and goes, it is the unified energy medium.

See how even your concept of who you are supposed to be dissolves into energetic play.  What is not energy is who you truly are, the witness to the energetic medium of Self Expression. The longer you stay in this front row and center seat as a witness of a unified field of everything before you the more profoundly fulfilled you feel.  Fear vaporizes, and is replaced by deep relaxation that feeds us like hot, sweet, home made soup on a snowy day.

This is the back door way to Awakening.  Few know of it. It has no key but is hidden behind the concept of object separateness. When we care to replenish our sense of being we can slip through the doorway and come back home.  Seeing it all as energy, and most of all feeling it all as energy, including feelings, emotions, fears, desires, the body, thoughts and the whatever else is before you, all as one energy field, with you bearing witness to it all as a divine performance for your sake alone, one is full filled, awakened. This awakeness is as great as the greatest of all who have ever awakened.  This space will make sense of the so called mysteries.

At last, human kind has reached a temperature where the consciousness is popping like corn, and the lid of the old kettle is lifting up and falling away, revealing a long awaited and outpouring abundance that is a celebration and expression of our endless being.

Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine