Deck Image-003
Interactive Out Door Paintings on your deck or patio always breaks the ice at a party or Bar-B-Q.
Deck Image-002

Lift any hand painted, original image, turn it around to a new painting on the other side, and replace it anywhere to compose your own ever changing work of art. 
This is truly a co-creation between you
and the artist, Ross G. Drago.

All materials are designed specifically for outdoor exposure!

Easy to Install.
Priced at $975. plus shipping.
Call Ross G. Drago at (510) 420 1713
or e-mail:

A perfect gift!
Can be designed for adults or children, offices, inside your home, office lobby or outside on decks or buildings.

Deck Image-001
With eight original oil paintings, all painted on both sides, making sixteen paintings and eight background squares, the possibilities of composing your painting are endless.
Whole Piece-001Whole Piece-002
Details of the paintings are equally as satisfying. A perfect addition to any deck or patio.
Birds on the Line
City Scape
Two Trees