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A higher frequency of perception is welling up in the human psyche, even though television and newspapers will try to convince you that the opposite is taking place. Lao Tzu once said, “There are many roads to enlightenment. You should be sure to take one with a heart.” Whether we practice spiritual behavior diligently or not at all, when this shift in consciousness occurs, it will sweep us up into increasingly higher frequencies of perception without effort on our part if we are receptive and keep our hearts open. This, simply put, means that, we will be taking in more information, and processing this information at a much faster rate. We will be experiencing a kind of quantum shift. This could be viewed as taking place over time, but time will start to look very different to us. We will leave linear time as our only perception of time, and the present moment will take its place as the only real form of timelessness. Ironically, as we learn to sustain presence and openness to whatever is before us with our hearts, we will see without a doubt that the present moment is all time/spaces at once, and always has been. This hints at the magnitude of the shift that has already begun.

Where, you may ask, will this amazing shift in human consciousness come from? The answer is simple. Humanity has been kept in a state of polarity, extreme desire and extreme fear for millennia. This has served anyone who has sought power, from religious structures to political systems, whether these are kingdoms or corporations, churches or schools, parenting or marriages. All have been ways of controlling the behavior of others for some form of personal gain.

Experiences have slowly brought us as individuals to deeper realizations. Through lifetimes we slowly or quickly learned lessons that inched us closer to our center, to our true, unchanging Self. This has raised our consciousness by converting desire and fear energy, ( polarized energy), into radiant awareness, awakeness, presence. Notice that desire and fear are glued to time/space. They, in fact, create our perception of time/space. Desire means to want something or someone whom you do not have now, in this moment. Fear means that something will change into something in some future time/space. In presence, neither time nor space exist, or, equally true, all time/space is present in presence. This becomes increasingly visible and apparent as we relax into open heartedness with whatever lies before us in any given moment. “Love knows no bounds.”

As more and more people find access to their Self, through meditation, creative expression such as painting, writing, music making, dancing and the lessons that life has doled out to each of us, more non-polarized, what we might call radiant consciousness, increases. This is like adding heat to a block of ice. Consciousness begins to shift from a solid, black and white, right or wrong, “whose side are you on? ” kind of rigid structure, to a more liquid flowing- moving around obstacles rather than crashing into them. Liquid consciousness merges, rises, falls, penetrates into living things and nourishes them. Liquid consciousness supports and sustains life. Frozen consciousness can move like a glacier, crushing and eroding life to the ends of the earth without knowing what it is doing. We are leaving the ice age of human consciousness.

This shift in consciousness will be interpreted in various ways. To simplify, there are two major pathways to take with this new wave of energy. One is desire/fear and the other is unity and trust. One intensifies our sense of separation and the other clarifies our sense of unity with one another. When we are what we see, fear and desire leave. How can anyone fear or desire a specific person if he sees that he or she is an expression of The Great Self? All that she is, he, too, is. The singular, seamless Awareness is both people, expressing unique aspects of the true Self that both are. It is said that Lord Krishna had many lovers, but he never lost his innocence. Love making will not diminish, only desire for it or fear of it will fall by the way side. Who would not gladly give up desire for someone specific to love, because love is now everywhere?

We may have noticed as we approach an election that the powers that control the media we read and view greatly weigh in the direction of keeping humanity separated, polarized, in fear of one another. Their fear of losing power or profit convinces people to believe that only the most black and white way of thinking is going to save us from the terrors of new ideas and new human behavior. The media is a consciousness freezer. This frozen way of thinking believes that the old ways are the only ways, and anything else is evil, should be stamped out, put a stop to, and everyone else should obey this premise or be punished for not believing it. These powers know well how to use fear to manipulate numbers of people into their own service, namely power and profit.

Trust, unity, cooperation, on the other hand, are less dramatic, less fist pounding, less proud or absolute in their reasoning. Because of this increase in frequency of perception we will begin to manifest from our own hearts what we feel and what we believe. It is a good thing to try and clear our hearts of suspicion, hatred and fear, because these fears will start to manifest themselves far more quickly. If we fill our hearts with trust in humanity and compassion, that will begin to manifest more quickly as well. Just as in a dream, if we fear, we will change that dream into a nightmare within a short period of time. If we trust, we will change that dream into one that we cherish. As our frequency of perception increases, life will seem more dream like and more coincidences will come true very quickly. The saying, “Be careful what you wish for” will never be more true.

Humanity is moving toward a heightening frequency of perception, and it will be best for us to open our hearts to one another as this transformation takes place. The long standing practice of hating people who do not share our own beliefs is not a belief that we will want to carry into a stage in human consciousness where our beliefs manifest themselves more quickly. The only thing that we can do to prepare ourselves for this new quantum leap in our perceptions is not to be found in our minds, but in our hearts. We need to pay more attention to opening our hearts than to carefully contrived intellectual rationalizations that keep us feeling separate from the people and world we are in. None of us will be happy taking the road of hatred, being right beyond any doubt, and hosting a rapidly increasing sense of separation over the coming years as this perceptual intensification occurs. It will be great wisdom to shift our idea of who we are from our mind, which furthers separation from whatever is before us, to our heart, which makes us one with all that is, and essentially discards any sense of who or what we are supposed to be. That is what happens when we fall in love, and that is what happens when we fall back into the natural state of love without a specific love object. In viewing any form of information getting, whether it is one’s religion, or the newspaper or the television or the internet, use only one measuring stick to evaluate its worth to you. If it is making you feel separate and afraid, for the future or for your own survival, if it, in short, creates separation and fear, it is the wrong direction and not the road to take. If it opens our hearts to new possibilities, to trusting one another and bringing us into oneness with whatever is before us, it is the road we need to take. Fear will lead us to places we do not want to go, and trust and open heartedness will take us to places we could never have imagined. The only way to prepare for this transformation is to practice opening our hearts. If we allow fear to fill us, then we have reason to fear, and if we allow trust to fill us then we have reason to trust. These are destructive and creative forces, respectively. They are the long sought after steering wheel for the quality of our life’s experiences. Trust alone is the control over our life that we are seeking. Reality follows beliefs.

Interactive Painting and Article by Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine.