Mind Blowing

That our minds can be blown is proof that minds are fragile, vulnerable to shock, impermanent and unreliable as sources of reason or information gathering and storing.  Memories are proving themselves to be infinitely negotiable, tending to reform themselves with time into files that by-pass vast amounts of information in one’s lifetime. Past lives are totally deleted, and reason seems to have no connection whatsoever to future probabilities as related to current behavior.  Such ‘wisdom’, or ‘foresight’ based on the consequences of behavior apparently exists in no individuals who actually have the power to prevent our own demise, and if some people of power do have the wisdom, the political system has become constipated by those who do not, so that positive change is resisted.

This fragility and fallibility of mind leads me to suggest that we back off from our indefatigable reliance on our own mind sets and begin constructing our society based upon Awareness, which cannot be blown, coerced, bribed with rewards, and is invulnerable in all conceivable circumstances.

This being said, how does one stop believing the mind and make the switch to being Awareness? Firstly, a quick route to being Awareness is to not take our lives personally.  Given that who we really are is Awareness,  without identification with anything, life is not personal.  Life as we know it is a performance piece for the sake of the expansion of heartfelt consciousness, a teaching that moves us lovingly ever closer to simply being. In view of this, if an individual’s life is anything other than joyfully astounding, it is being filtered through the very wavy and thick lens of the mind.  This distortion of what’s really out there is unacceptable, as a quick glance at the news will prove, since what makes the news is the result of our reliance upon our minds and not Being Awareness.  That is to clearly say, people who murder other people are people who are trapped in the echo chamber of their own mind, with no ability to  recall that they are Awareness itself.  They are lost in identification with the mind’s bizarre and hate-soaked version of reason.

I urge that we institute a National “Re-psycholing” Day of the week.   That is, every Thursday night we put our minds and all of their convictions into the garbage bin and let everyone’s mental-waste products be collected every Friday morning, before 9:00 AM , and before too many more people are killed on the weekends through the misguidance of the conditioned mind.

Spending our weekends and our days being Awareness would be a vacation for humanity that would only keep getting better and better and better.  It, as a side effect, would also mean that humanity had successfully made its quantum leap into the next level of consciousness, and in so doing, upped its chances for survival by a thousand per cent.

Secondly, at night when you are asleep and having a weird, nonsensical dream, such as about tigers sitting in a cafe discussing the merits of flossing with ginseng,  ask yourself who is watching this dream taking place. It is not you who is making this junk up, because  you are watching it unfold. So who is watching the dream stuff happen? That would be Awareness. That’s the real you and the real me.

I once invented a light machine that took a single Kodak slide of my grandparents, and projected it onto a slowly turning disc that was covered with broken mirrors. This rotating mirror cluster then cast parts of the slide upward and ultimately onto a rear projection screen.  One could then sit and watch a single, still slide for hours as it was transformed into an abstract, cubist movie, parts of my grandmother’s face sliding at interesting angles through parts of the lace curtain in the window, etc..  The rotating, randomly or orderly mirror covered disc is like the mind. We ourselves sit and watch the screen and random or orderly associations appear on the screen for most of our lives. Daytime brings culturally determined structure to the mirrors, and night time relaxes that order into random displays or dreams.  Death brings yet another set of mirror patterns to the disc. In all cases, the mirrors are reflections and distortions of the stillness and clarity and joy of being the light that projects them.  Seeing this is called transcending the life-death cycle.

We are the witness to all of this, (and the grammar here is correct, because there is only one witness, with infinite points of view).  One day or night,  in an instant, we receive a glimpse of the truth of this, and wish that we could have lived all of our moments from this Awareness. By relaxing back, deep into the comfort of mindless witnessing, we can have a great time experiencing this unfathomable, mind blowing performance from Awareness’s front row and perfectly safe center seat.

Ross G. Drago

Paint Rag Magazine.