A WALK IN THE VOID copyIntroduction

As human consciousness moves toward  Self Knowing, through all forms of meditation, what could be described as gigawatts of energy that had been entrapped in human beliefs, polarized ego energy, and energy that had been invested in fear, becomes increasingly released.  This energy is pure potential consciousness.  It is like a great and growing breeze.  This sweet breeze will climb in intensity as more polarized consciousness cancels and disappears, through realizations, meditations and increasing  spiritual consciousness. Now, whatever our beliefs are, whatever our direction of desire, those beliefs and desires will act as a great sail.  As this wind  grows, it will always be at our backs.  We should, therefore, be certain to aim our desires in the direction that we truly wish to go, for as this wind begins to blow, so will we all be driven faster and faster in the direction that our heart points.  It would be wisest to set our desires toward increasing presence.  In this way, awakening will come to millions.

We should be prepared, however, for the understanding that many will face in directions of desires that lead to self interest, with a small s on the self.  This is necessary, in order to burn out on those desires. We will see that those who have addictions, will respond to the increase in sweet abundant waves of pure energy by repeating addictive reactions more and more frequently, until it becomes apparent that they clutch to something powerful and cling to a form of consciousness that has no regard for human values, as with taking alcohol consciousness into us as a replacement for our own human consciousness, or with the corporate structure as it stands, with Boards of Directors having no agenda but profit at any cost to civilization itself.

Others we will see may go deeper into their organized religious beliefs. Everyone will become more energized, and if we interpret this pure consciousness as sexual ecstasy, we will direct it toward sexuality.  If we interpret spiritual ecstasy, or the joy of being as a bad thing, we may be driven toward increasing self denial of pleasures.   In all cases, what should be done with this energy is simply relax into it, enjoy wherever you are without expectations, and remember that we are the Eternal Consciousness, Who does not truly exist in the realm of desire or fear, but have these as  our medium of Self Expression.

Whatever one has as an escape from pure and simple Being, and the pleasure of that state, will increase in their frequency of doing this as consciousness winds begin to blow with increasing strength.  If we are aware of this process, we will understand.  We need not react as if the world were going mad.  We may recognize that we must all go down the roads we choose until we see for ourselves that all roads lead to the Self, Human Awakening.

As Americans, we despise secrets, religious, spiritual, industrial, economic, military or political. The book contained here is an attempt not to put forth the beauties of consciousness, for they will reveal themselves and much is already written singing this song, but to create a foundation for spiritual consciousness to grow out of genuinely understanding the universal principles that consciousness, enlightenment, and spirituality are is the intention of this book.

Those who are exceedingly interested in helping and witnessing an upsurge in Consciousness are Americans for a reason.  It is from American temperament that the first large scale collective enlightenment will come. If the Tigress Uphradies Valley was the cradle of humanity, America is the cradle of the first massive Spiritual Awakening.   It cannot come from any other country on Earth.  Can it come from Italy, where their past is so immeasurably glorious?  Would they roll the dice and try for a double or nothing?  Would Italy cast away Christianity and all of its cathedrals and art and magnificence on the possibility of having another renaissance of human consciousness?

Would it come from France? Consciousness implies an invisible context, and the French have spent too much energy developing the world of the visible to let all of that be traded in for context.

Would the German’s take the reins of delivering spiritual consciousness en mass into the world?  They could, but would the rest of us understand it?

Will Japan or China blow the whistle for time-out just before it is in a position to buy the entire world, illusory or not, and opt for seeing it all in a different and dream like light?

In short, the rest of the world is busy.  It  has its glory.

America is the only country on Earth who’s history is so embarrassing that we have nowhere to go but up. Not that we committed more wrong doings than anyone else, but because Americans are becoming conscious, and therefore are in a position to actually see themselves.  The process is already taking place.   At the same time, we are the only country that originally defined itself consciously as an idea.  It is unique in being one of the few to remember its first day on Earth, it’s own conception.  We are therefore able to consciously shape it as an idea,  rather than perpetuate it as a given unquestionable truth.

We are the only country who cannot get away with putting fourth one point of view, such as being too intellectual without body connection,  or too sensual without mind attached.  We demand everything at once, although the explosion of computerization is luring us, many against their will, into the realm of intellect and well away from body.  All other cultures are their own, purified.  America is founded upon a continual adding to a soup which necessarily can have no name, or it is cooked, eaten, done. America must always be in the process of becoming. Many other powerful countries, are who they are.

Were a new spiritual consciousness to evolve in any other country or culture, such as Japan, or China, we see for ourselves that it would only have appeal to people who resonated with the philosophy of that country.  Growing out of America, it would resonate with everyone in the world in one way or another. Coming from American soil is the acid test.  If it can survive here, it can surely survive anywhere else.

It is with this in mind that I set out to make spiritual principles thoroughly de-mystified.  I have taken principles of the creation of consciousness and attempted to explain them in such a way that the American need for understanding can chew and digest and internalize these principles into our very being.  This, I believe, is all that is necessary to catalyze a great American welling up of spiritual consciousness. Once we understand the mechanics of wisdom, we will at least be on the long road to wisdom.  Once we understand the engineering of spirituality and consciousness, we will soon drive eagerly onto a freeway of consciousness of our own making.  We will have no reservations whatsoever. We do that.  That is who we are.  That is what we are here to do for the world.

All those interested in the sudden or gradual blossoming of spiritual consciousness, have come to America to participate in this most profound transformation in the history of humanity.  It is what so many have been waiting for.  By having a simple and clear understanding of what makes consciousness conscious, the riddles will be solved,  and we will catalyze a world movement into spiritual consciousness, for with clear comprehension of the principles that literally create consciousness, comes a deluge of creative energy and visions of what can be.  For America, for Human Energy Consciousness and for the dawn of Sacred Awareness, it is time.

Given the American spirit, we will not settle for a favoring of Spiritual Context to dominate, such as in India, where the content has been allowed to disintegrate, while Context is revered alone.  If this is a dream world, then let us dream it well.  It does not follow that we should abandon our Energy Medium of Self expression, (physical reality) for the Consciousness that creates it.  They are inseparable celebrations of one another. It is in the merging between Context (Consciousness-Void) and Content (The Sacred Energy Medium of Our Self Expression-physical being) that America will  create the new awakening.  This is our dream world.  We have the capacity to shape it into an expression of an opened heart, a conscious mind, and a life expressing body, in a world that does not harm, but indeed, protects and nourishes all other expressions of Who we all are.

Merging spiritual context with a celebration of the Energy Medium which expresses it, would mean a resurgence of vast amounts of creative expressions, since lucidity that comes with awakening is the source of all creativity.  This would not only re-ignite the American economic spirit, but would sponsor new visions in all areas, from transportation, education, energy sources, medicine, communication, and celebration, as well as new concepts in sharing the difficulties of raising children, and restoring the world we live in back to a land that reflects the Sacred Spirit that dwells within everything.

Through simple comprehension, not mysticism, more beautiful expressions will spring.  But before Americans can enter onto a spiritual freeway that will bond to American culture, we must first understand Consciousness, not be simply asked to trust and believe in a path.  Before meditation becomes a practice throughout our land, we must see where it is taking us, and why it is important to go there.  Otherwise, imported spirituality will always be just that, a strange thing from another land, using words that mainstream America refuses to take seriously.

Now is the time for these understandings to become mainstream American knowledge.  In this way alone will we begin the development we know is our destiny, toward a world that moves into awakening, self healing, and Human Energy Consciousness at an exponential pace.