Cover for web in JPEGSo Sayeth the Prophet Motiv is Ross G. Drago’s most satyrical political novel. Drago personifies pure profit motivation in the man known as Prophet Motiv, a king-pin in the financial world who acts behind the scenes steering global financial policy. Michael Gallo, free lance journalist, having secured a month of exclusive luncheon interviews with the Prophet, soon realizes that the man he is interviewing is capable of anything. The price for this feast of corporate exclusive admissions of corporate policy may well be Michael Gallo’s life.
Gallo also interviews people whose life’s work is to make innovations that save us all from the death grip of corporate status quo powers. This novel brings two powerful forces into the blinding light of reason, to face off for the fate of humanity’s heart and creativity vs. profit at the cost of all human values.

Ross G. Drago is an artist, writer and the inventor of an energy symbol language. Many of the solutions brought forth in this novel are his own. Drago has written books on art and consciousness, including novels, short story collections and non-fiction writing such as Identity Is The Crisis, and Painting a Pathway Home. His articles on art and consciousness may be read in Paint Rag He is also the founder and Director of the Energy Art Studio in Emeryville, California, and is recognized in the San Francisco Bay Area for his art commissions on permanent display in public places.


Painting A Pathway Home front image

Painting A Pathway Home focuses on the process of painting as a
spiritual practice. This is not a how-to-paint book, but addresses how
the painting process delivers us energetically closer to our deepest
spiritual nature as Awareness seeking self-realization through painting.

Drago’s understanding of the act of painting as spiritual expression takes
painters to a level of working with their art that is at once new to us all
and as ancient as the beginning of art itself. From explaining why and
what the cave painters were doing to the impact of Pop Art on a young
art student, Painting A Pathway Home teaches us to recognize the
manifesting power in all artists. Drago articulates the spiritual
demension of the creative process. If any artist doubts her or his power
and influence upon society, this book will erase that doubt and empower
all forms of creative expression.

What people say about Painting a Pathway Home:

“I have been looking forward to this book ever since I read the article Painting to Manifest. I love the title ‘Painting a Pathway Home’ and in fact as I was reading, I felt as if I were reading a pathway home as well. Ross Drago’s books and writings have such a quality of truth and beauty to them that as I read, I feel as if we are already living in the luminous, enlightened world that he imagines we can realize. This book is a wonderful companion for artists but it contains so many gems of beauty and wisdom for everyone; artists and also those who don’t consider themselves to be artists. I think that no matter what time period Ross Drago decided to be born in he would always be a visionary. I’m so glad he is here in our time and I think his works are eternal.” Noelle

“This book belongs beside every artist’s easel.” Carol

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Identity Is The Crisisy

Identity Is The Crisis casts light on the identities that have been thrust upon us from birth on. Before we could speak we were given self-definitions that influence and limit us throughout our lifetime. This book carefully unties these binding beliefs and sets us free one identity at a time.

Using a map that shows us our own specific identities, created and developed by Ross G. Drago, as well as an audio Guided Imagery CD by Health and Wellness Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist Surja Jessup, M.S.C.H.T., in the back of this book, Drago offers us powerful tools to release us from false ideas given to us in childhood and throughout our lifetime.

Investigating such deeply rooted forces upon us as religious identity, gender identity, and corporate identity, this book gives his readers an easy road that leads directly to seeing and celebrating our true nature, without limiting false beliefs.

Ross G. Drago is a writer, artist and Founder/Director of the Energy Art Studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. His public art commissions include an architectural scale ceramic mural memorial for Dr. Linus Pauling, for the city of Palo Alto, Berkeley Bowl West marketplace permanent art installation, Berkeley Jewish Community Center mural and work in private collections throughout the US. He has authored several books on art and consciousness including short stories, novels, and non-fiction books.

Surja Jessup is a holistic therapist in Berkeley, CA. who uses acupressure, meditation and guided imagery in her private practice. She has created an audio CD to compliment Identity Is The Crisis which is a guided meditation on being present, accepting what is and inquiring into pour true nature. She can be reached at

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READ CHAPTER 6: Identity and Addiction

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Sky Mind

Sky Mind is a novel about two young Berkeley people, Ana Heller and Pete Carboni, who believe that they have been chosen to do post graduate studies in the University of California’s first Parapsychology department. They soon realize that the University has no Parapsychology Department, and piece together that they are actually doing research for the CIA. The mission is to discover a substance that greatly enhances telepathic abilities for the purpose of espionage.

Through some investigating on their own, Ana and Pete stumble upon an Australian aboriginal root tea that actually enhances telepathy, and to a degree that is earth changing. This adventure novel moves relentlessly toward ever increasing degrees of transparency, in politics, in the CIA and in humanity at large. As the plot unfolds, human secrets tumble out into plain sight, from hidden fantasies to global crimes against humanity.

In this novel, all closet doors are turned to glass, revealing secrets that have been trapped for thousands of years alongside covert activities that shock the nation. This is, above all, a deeply human love story, filled with adventure and insight into the human heart.


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Buffalo Boy I

Buffalo Boy marks the most powerful spiritual lessons of a young Buffalo, New York boy moving into manhood. It is also the trajectory of the creative awakening of one who allows life to be the teacher, taking all of the chances that youth affords. His life is an astounding proof that the universe is a conscious and benevolent overseer of our personal destinies.

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Book of Energy Symbols

The Energy Symbol Language, created by Ross G. Drago, is based on the Spiral. It is composed of wave forms, and designed to translate all observable phenomenon as well as emotions, fears, desires, waves of our identities as desires and fears into expressions of energy relationships. In short, the energy symbol language was created to make visible that which is invisible.

Translating everything into energy terms frees us from the illusory perception that we exist in a world of separate objects whose relationships are mechanical juxtapositions.

Through the use of this language, we may ourselves create expressions that exhibit a world wherein everything is unified, yet has subtle or grand differences of sensual rhythm.

In the back of this book is a DVD containing color images of paintings, ceramics, umbrellas, and artifacts that use Energy Symbols, created by the author over many years of painting and developing this visual language.

One of the advantages of this language is that an artist may express not only the energy nature of the “physical” world, but also the invisible world of identities, self definitions, emotions, fears and desires and awakening of individuals.

Not limited to the painting medium, Energy Symbols may be used to create jewelry, tapestries, clothing, architectural and or furniture designs. They may be carved, painted, embroidered, cast, painted on ceramics, calligraphy and in any visual medium. The author gives full permission to use these symbols as a medium of self expression to any artists to enrich their visual expressions. The Energy Symbol Language is Universal.

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Buffalo Boy 2 for Pop Rivet Press copy

Buffalo Boy 2 continues the book of short stories in Buffalo Boy 1 as the author reaches Berkeley, California, where he spends most of the rest of his life. During heated and politically charged times, in 1967, Drago finds himself at the epicenter of a new social upheaval, the dawn of the consciousness revolution. These story true short stories capture a time that is hardly spoken of, and brings us into deep understanding of a time whose impact is just beginning to swell up as a great wave of consciousness and spiritual awakening.



A Walk in The Void takes us by the hand and leads us into the essence of spiritual awareness, to its very source. Drago creates a perfect frame of reference to compare all energy expressions to, the Void Itself. This book will provides the understanding that gives us permission to venture deeply into spiritual awareness. It is the how of Awareness. Once seen clearly as explained, the roadway is paved to personal transformation. When we see, for example, that our emotions are spacial expressions, we slip into an awakened viewpoint. A Walk in The Void is a book you will want to read every night.