Vertical Shift Cover-Smashword EditionThe plot of Vertical Shift revolves around a group of artists, inventors and creative people who join forces in an underground movement to solve the problems of the world.  As they grow in numbers and fill an abandoned Oakland factory with works of art and create powerful inventions including an electric car engine which vertically lifts into the air and flies, corporations become threatened by this, and descend upon the group, bringing about a life and death struggle. The issue of humanity’s future,  and whether greed and denial will prevail, or whether solutions to environmental issues actually will triumph, provides the tension to be resolved in Vertical Shift.

Drago’s’ novel is also a love story, and an invitation to humanity to think in new and creative ways. The characters are alive with determination to change the world for the better, even if the price for doing so is their life.  Anyone who dreams of a better world must read this amazing, timely novel which invites us to step out of complacency and into creative action. One of Ross Drago’s best.

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