Revision Only This One feb 6Buffalo Boy 2 delivers a young man from Buffalo, New York into the epicenter of the movement that was destined to transform the world, Berkeley, California, 1967, Telegraph Avenue. This collection of short stories, based on actual events that have been carefully eliminated from media history shows us an inside story of what life was like at that time, from a creative viewpoint.

Buffalo Boy 2 moves across time and focuses upon those experiences that deliver  stunning spiritual insights, and is both profoundly human and consciousness awakening. Highly emotional at times, the stories are counter-balanced with comedic experiences that will delight the reader with the daring madness of of sixties, such as Jimmy Pump Tart and Escaping Crockett. It is also heart wrenching with When Souls Are Torn Apart. and Funeral for Fran  Many of the short stories contained in this book seem destined to re-tell American history, as it really happened, intertwined with the author’s own cultural and personal awakening.

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