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There are no truths that are harder to believe than those that we have been blind to for all of our lives.  In the same manner, those truths that an entire world has, for the greater part, not been able to see are nearly impossible to bring into visibility. So it is with the recognition that we have made a mistake so grave that we have paid more dearly than we can even imagine.  This mistake is simple, but difficult to believe that it is true.  Nearly all of our grief has come from separating ourselves – electrically, physically – from the planet we stand upon.  It is comparable in magnitude to the equally grave mistake of having separated ourselves from being what we perceive around us, a matter I will leave to awakened masters to point out.

More than being the cause of our suffering to a staggering extent.  The practice has robbed us of a lifetime of bliss, inner peace, and relatively disease-free days.  Native Americans lived for thousands of years disease-free until we – I will call us Earth-divorcees – brought our diseases to the off-the-ground doorsteps and dwellings that we confined them to.

By insulating ourselves electrically from the Earth, through the soles of our shoes, the rubber of our tires, the asphalt of our roads, the concrete, wood, tile, linoleum and marble of our floors, we have turned our bodies into living capacitors. A capacitor stores electrical charges in two chambers or plates, one holding positive and the other holding negative charges.  These charges can build to literally shocking degrees, pun intended.  We as human bodies make ourselves the positive polarity of these bio-capacitors. The excess of positive charges causes inflammation and free radicals, and these in turn cause so many of the diseases and anxiety that we suffer from. By being bathed in electromagnetic fields from all of our communication and transportation systems, we sustain and renew this positive electrical charge throughout our bodies.

I will say now so as not to withhold: Yes, I have invented a way to ground this energy away, and restore that pleasureful and painless state.  But that is not what this article is about. There is no way on Earth that I or anyone could supply mankind with enough of these grounding wands to restore us.  To sell you wands is not the intent of this article.  The intent is much, much larger than that.  As a species we desperately need to understand that we must find every way possible to reconnect with the planet that we are on and of. Architects must restore people’s connection to the Earth. In selling my wands to people, I have discovered that some people cannot use a direct connection to the ground, because there is literally not one inch-square patch of Earth anywhere near to where they live, or if there is, they are not allowed access to it because it is not the policy of the landlord to have anything added that is not already there. The concrete catacombs must remain exactly that way.  Building codes need laws that prevent locking humanity into buildings that have no life force, and no connection to the Earth.

I propose that every home newly built, and all existing homes, be converted to have a dedicated ground rod added that goes to every room in the building and is accessible by a grounding outlet.  This would allow anyone to work, sleep, sit, and use cell phones and computers in a manner that leaves them no longer charged bodies that sponsor every illness known to man.

The act of adding such a pure and clean grounded access to our homes is simple and cheap, and could be done in ten minutes to any home that is a few stories high, at least for one room in the home.  Simply drop out the window, where a person would most likely use a grounding device of some kind, a wire that has attached to the lowered end an electrically conductive rod made of copper, brass or aluminum.  Press this rod into the ground.  The other end can be equipped with a female plug to allow some grounding device to be plugged into it.

Numerous systems have come out recently for grounding.  The people who have introduced the idea as Earthing have done extensive research that proves its effectiveness at fighting illness of all kinds.  My own system, invented back in 1978, is available, as are other people’s inventions for grounding in an array of ways.  On YouTube there are proofs of how grounding instantly takes our positive charges down to zero in a second, as shown on EMF meters.  An internet search will reveal a number of ways to ground ourselves back to the planet’s healing force.  I am urging people to make a reconnection with the planet we are on in an electrical contact or direct contact way an urgent priority as a health practice for our species. Animals have it down.  It is we humans who have gone astray from a limitless healing reservoir right beneath our feet.  I beg architects, builders and homeowners to build clean access to ground and the Earth into their buildings.  Please be reminded that I am not merely speaking of preventing illness which we see has become rampant in our world, but of gaining a surprising level of pleasure in simply being that returns to us as we return to the planet.

Ross G. Drago

Paint Rag Magazine.