Head of an EquilibrianThis is a Fragment from Equilibrium.

It depicts the head of an Equilibrian citizen, wearing a headband that induces a deep meditative state.  It is painted on a piece of broken sidewalk concrete, in oils. Like the piece below, it is meant to symbolize a culture that is both ancient, and one that has not yet begun.
Equilibrian -02






The clothing and lifestyle of these Equilibrians express the living awareness in all things, and energy symbols adorn their homes, tools, utensils, furniture and dishware.
Sun stone














To the left, an energy symbol of the sun gives a sense of radiance around the stone circle that surrounds the meeting table.




Circles on brown stone, symbols of radiant consciousness define their chosen aspect of Awareness.  Radiant Consciousness stoneThat is, the stone itself symbolizes ever present Awareness.  Here and there, this omnipresent awareness realizes that it is, and defines itself as some being.  Awareness seems to be separate from the rest of the universe, and may even identify with polarity, but it is like a wave upon the ocean, thinking itself separate from the ocean.





Raindrops from dark cloud, a stone symbolizes rainfall, nourishing seeds beneath the ground.

Rain stone
Freqwuency Cone stone








Orange colored stone with scratched symbols, symbolizing The” Frequency Cone” and a Sign of Equilibrium. The Frequency Cone is all frequencies in the electro-magnetic spectrum, spiraling into order by resonance with the other frequencies, then percolating down the center to construct the waves again, one dimension higher.
Moon Stone





Moon Symbolized in all of its phases.
Energy stone







Symbol of the Joy of Pure Energy, as the Medium of Awareness’ Self Expression for Awareness to experience its own infinite potentiality.
Void Stone




Symbol of The Conscious Void, the witness of all Energy Expressions of Awareness’ infinite Potential.

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