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Symbols have always served humanity as a pathway to a higher understanding. They possess the power to reset the course of one’s values and behavior. The symbol above is as powerful as symbols come. It is called a tetrahedron. And, like most symbols, its own nature and qualities express what it stands for. The tetrahedron is the most stable complex structure in the universe. A close look at its qualities will explain why it is one of the great symbols in existence.

The tetrahedron is made of four points and six lines, as shown in the above model. The points are quite separate from one another, held apart by space. But there is a fascinating relationship between them that nothing else in existence shares. Each point is in direct connection with ALL of the others. There is no “middle man”, as they say, in a tetrahedron. In a cube, for example, each corner point connects directly only to three other points, and has no physical connection to its opposite side. A Tetrahedron is in direct contact with all of its other parts. This means that to affect one point is to affect all points simultaneously, because the structure that looks like it is made of separate elements is actually one coherent whole. In other words, the points of a tetrahedron are all directly connected to one another without any communication lag whatsoever. One leads to all.

Why is this important to you and me? Because it is the expression of and symbol for integrity. It is the quintessential structure for absolute integrity as an object, and as a symbol it is the same even when we give each point on it a spiritual, psychological or human significance. It can act as a powerful emotional compass for us as well. In emotionally, spiritually or psychologically difficult times it shows us how to find inner most comfort and peace. The tetrahedron is powerful no matter what dimension you use it on.

In this model of “the tetrahedron of awareness” awareness is not symbolized on the tetrahedron. Awareness cannot be symbolized. The awareness of the tetrahedron is unspoken, but awareness is part of this symbol as the space through and around it. That awareness must symbolize itself. The top point or sphere in this structure symbolizes one of the greatest powers known. The top sphere stands for Trust.

We tend to view trust as an object, that is, trust me, or trust that bank. But there is a Trust “form” that deserves a capital T. Why? Because Trust is a cardinal creative force in the universe. It is so powerful a force that it may be safely expressed in this way: If you Trust, then you have reason to trust. If you Fear, then you have reason to fear. This is because Trust is creative, and Fear is destructive. Trusting, without a specific object, will cause realities to come to you as an individual that are trustworthy. If it is your destiny to experience some unpleasant thing, Trust will move you through it as quickly as possible and deliver you to an expansive way of being once again. We heal the fastest in a state of Trust, and we heal the slowest in a state of fear, anger, resentment, revenge, or distrust. That is a simple fact of being. Jesus once said, ‘If a man harms you seven times and seven times he asks your forgiveness, forgive him seven times.’ This is living in a state of Trust.

Whenever we find ourselves in a state that is not pleasant, such as anger, hurt, self hatred, resentment of circumstances, or a sense of abandonment, fear, illness, we need only to think of this tetrahedron symbol and assume a place of Trust. We do not need to trust anything in particular. Religion gives us particulars. However, Trust is a force unto itself. Simply Trust. Let the particulars drop by the wayside. They are always temporal, arguable, something that others will inevitably need persuading to. Pure Trust is the essence of all of the other belief structures we have created. Remembering this tetrahedron will help you to simply resume a state of Trust.

The moment that we assume a position of Trust, we are in direct connection to Gratitude, the second point on the tetrahedron.. This is because Trust allows us to realize instantly that when we trust, we know that everything will move us closer to inner peace and fulfillment. We are on the best path there is to fulfillment. We have turned our backs on the road of fear, which leads only to increasing fear. We know that we have chosen the best way possible to protect and heal ourselves.

When we have been delivered to Gratitude, we immediately fall into a state of Meditation, the Third point on the tetrahedron, because the points all connect to one another without time to separate them. Again, all points lead to all others in a tetrahedron, on any dimension of its usage. This state of Meditation protects us from being in reaction, to the actions of others, in reaction to our own upbringing, as in identities of the past clambering to be listened to and obeyed. Instead, we are in a state of mediation where we are being nurtured, nourished, well fed and in deep peace. Mental lures and promises and coercions cannot affect us, because we are at a place where we are fulfilled and nourished. We are safe at Home.

Being safe at Home, in a deep meditative place, we are no longer in reaction-mode, and whatever action we take is not from desperation, anguish, fearing the loss of, or desperately needing something we do not have. From this meditative state, we take Right Action, which may even be no action, the fourth point on the Tetrahedron.

We may see that the easiest way to gain access to any and all of these virtues is through not going directly for them, but by assuming a position of Trust. This leads instantly to all the rest. It would be difficult, indeed, to be angry or hurt, and tell ourselves to simply be grateful. The mind immediately snaps back to inform us of its angry position. Or, to feel jealous, and try to go directly to Right Action. Which way does it lie? We are lost. If we attempt to meditate our fear away, we may well find that our mind is a chatter-box echo-chamber of agitating thoughts.

Only Trust comes easily regardless of our emotional or psychological state. To Trust is always within our power to choose. Trusting is a simple decision that we can freely make at any time and under any circumstances. This is the meaning of Free Will. Free will does not mean the freedom to destroy, or license to do anything we please regardless of its consequences. Free Will simply means that we have the freedom to interpret whatever circumstances we find ourselves in any way we please. This is our doorway to freedom and inner peace, as we are always free to interpret all experiences with trust, rather than with anger or resentment or wanting things to be other than they happen to be. This is how people who are in prison, even for life, can become enlightened and therefore free and filled with gratitude and joy. This is Free Will. Choosing to Trust leads us directly to all other positions that are given to the wise, the awakened and therefore the free.
This Tetrahedron of Awareness is a structure that gives us a solid place to stand in an often tumultuous existence. It is the most stable structure in the universe, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Feel free to print this symbol and remember its invitation, you can always choose to Trust, no matter what the circumstances.

You may print this cut out and fold paper tetrahedron. Glue the flaps to the inside of the triangles for a free 3-D Tetrahedron of Awareness reminder to TRUST.

Tetrahedron of Awareness
Tetrahedron of Awareness

Tetrahedron of Awareness and article by Ross Drago
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