The well-known color, bubble gum pink, that makes us smile to think of, like Clark Kent, is endowed with a secret power. If a card is placed in front of a strapping lifter of heavy weights, gazing at the color bubble gum pink, that weight lifter cannot lift the weight they normally heft off the ground. It weakens their muscles. It is now the color of solitary confinement cells to weaken the prisoner. It is not coincidence that lipstick is often bubble gum pink, and for that matter, so are lips themselves. A wrestler or boxer would do well to step into the ring wearing bubble gum pink from head to toe, but the mores of men would all but forbid it except to the bravest of men. Social pressure from the guys would be his greatest threat.

Now to the point of this. Our entertainment media acts exactly like bubble gum pink on our human spirit. Scan through your movie options, (most of us gave up on television long ago) some Saturday night, searching for a non-violent, even, intelligent film to watch. Your choices are simple. A violence competition between filmmakers, a paranoid self-destructive world’s end theme, or utter non-sense films. Even those film makers who filled us with hope and inspiration in their early days of film making have gone over to the dark side.

Like the color bubble gum pink, it weakens our human spirit to partake of our entertainment media. I propose that there be a website that grades movies by the energy that they deliver. On a scale from minus ten to plus ten, wherein abject terror is minus 10, and hopeful, intelligent, or a serious expose of something that needs exposing, such as the crimes against humanity of GMO, the meat industry, or practices that are destructive to mankind, animals or environment by their nature. This website would give a rating of the kind of energy that a film or program pours into the human energy reservoir.

It would soon become clear that some entertainment pipelines were making the lake of human consciousness horribly polluted with fear and paranoia, while others were acting as filters, or adding pure water to our Saturday night sip of fun. I also propose that twenty percent of the jury on what films are given which rating be seven or eight-year-old boys and girls. The rating system would be simple. While watching the films, their skin resistance should be measured to register to what degree the film induces fear. Also with this skin resistance test, a test of muscle strength should be made every few minutes. That is, when an arm is held outward, one may test whether something causes a strengthening or a weakening of their muscles by having the person resist having their arm pushed down. If their resistance is weak, the experience of watching that specific film is weakening them. If their resistance to having their arm pushed down is strong, the experience is strengthening them. This is how many people test themselves for foods that are either good or bad for them. Try it if you never have by holding the food in one hand while having someone push down hard on your other extended hand. Resist having your hand pushed down as hard as you can and see if you are strengthened or weakened by the substance being held in the other hand.

This testing system will settle the matter of people saying that they love to go to shows that scare them. Their muscles may not be of the same opinion. Let those who prefer to be weakened and terrified as a a form of entertainment pick the minus tens as their entertainment choice. Also watch them grow old faster than those who would rather laugh or be inspired. The body knows the difference between what is expansion and strength giving and what is contraction and weakens our body and immune system. Only the media conditioned mind can keep us sitting in a theater or at home continuing to watch something that is tearing us apart with fear or even grief, and keep calling it cool.

Heart-breaking films are also a heavy payload of cement to our hearts.  In our society women are allowed to cry. That’s why women usually live longer than men. Sitting and watching a movie that breaks a man’s heart, one that first makes you love some child and then kills them in the end with some incurable disease, leaves a man sitting there holding back his tears with all of his might. Men, because they are not allowed to really let down and cry, can die of a broken heart due to social pressure to be strong and silent. The American culture with its heavy emphasis on defining real life as a continual state of excitement, has made it so that many people can only feel deep emotions when being terrified by a formula of news-concentrate and media induced fear.

Our media of entertainment has gone over to the dark side to keep Americans hypnotized into a perpetual state of terror. We are too scared to challenge the direction now taken by corporate power over government, over the food we eat, over the cost of education, over the medical practices. I know of cancer cures that cost less than twenty dollars and cure cancer in two weeks. Research Oxygen or Hydrogen Peroxide therapy in a book called The Detox Book. Compare that to Chemotherapy and radiation treatment profiteering. Yet people still trust the medical institutions to know what is best.

We should fight the propaganda that tells us to laugh at any alternative ideas found on the internet. The internet can save us if we have the courage to use it to benefit mankind. I encourage the reader to use the internet as access to alternative entertainment, rating systems for the quality of energy a film delivers, alternatives to standard practice medicines, drugs, education, and access to the humanities and the arts, which have been deleted from our education system funding. Do not let the entertainment industry bubble-gum-pink us into being a weak, petrified and anesthetized country unable to lift our spirits high enough to be who we are, and rise even in the face of fear.

Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine