Release From Polarity
Release From Polarity

“I can do what I want! It’s a fee country, so there!”

As children we might have said these same words a thousand times. From the start we were taught that freedom and doing whatever we wanted, as long as it did not hurt anyone, was fine.  In the name of such freedom,  we have been free to explore new avenues of sexuality that have always been taboo.  We have created laws that let us do and say things in public against our governments and allowed poor to become rich.  But embedded within this experience of freedom is a great misconception.

Free Will has often been interpreted as freedom to do as we please.  Laws are then created to control this definition of free will to try and assert that property and then people, land and intellectual property are not violated by misuse of free will.  By that erroneous definition, Free Will is also controlled, and often politically manipulated. For example, when the women’s movement threatened to unite all of the women’s rights voters in America,  creating the most powerful alliance, the  news media was sent out by groups whose values were anti-feminist,  and news cameras were put in the face of every kind of woman in the country.  Night after night on the news, for years, the question was asked of each, “Abortion! For it or against it?”  This wedge was driven hard until the national coherence of the women’s rights movement was split into two warring groups. If you’ve ever wondered why only men are most boisterously opposed to abortion, and not mostly women, it is because keeping the abortion issue an issue at all, benefits mostly men, by breaking apart women’s rights as a solid block of voting power, and perpetuating womens powerlessness.

Our current understanding of free will also leads us, conveniently for corporations, to a world easily kept consuming, and creating the propaganda that what is marketed this year is a great  improvement over last year. We express our freedom of choice by what we buy, what we drive, what shoes we wear.  This has become an artificially stimulated form of “self”-expression.  This, too, is tied in with the false  idea of free will.

We spend our days in serious reaction to the world situation, to the un-thought out actions and statements of others.  We live in reaction on every level, physically and emotionally. We have reversed the concept of free will almost 180 degrees.  A revolutionary idea of free will, what true free will really means is that when a desire or a fear presents itself to us, we are free to not lock onto it for the ride. When we are clearly insulted by someone, we are free not to feel badly about ourselves or hate them for doing that to us.  Free will means that we are truly free in the most wonderful and liberating sense. We are free not to be contorted by every random, unconscious event this universe has to offer, most especially the universe created and sustained by economic interests or emotional manipulations.

This is a very wonderful kind of freedom that can be taken and enjoyed to its fullest immediately, at any place, any time, and no one can take this freedom away from us.  This is how men who are serving a life sentence in a Federal penitentiary can suddenly become enlightened and free.  They laugh at the concept that they are in prison. “No,” they say. “You are in prison. I am free.”  This means, they are free not to hate themselves for being in prison. They are free not to despise themselves if some guard or fellow inmate or society at large wants them to despise themselves.  They are freed from self-condemnation, and free from reactivity as a constant mode of being.  They are free to realize their true nature, which is freedom itself.

As the great bumper sticker said, ‘You don’t have to die to go into the light.’  Nor do we need to go to prison in order to see what true freedom of will is.  Each moment that social customs, and childhood conditioning urges us to react for or against something, there is an opportunity to stay Home, in Equilibrium, in our own inner peace of mind and pleasure of being.  The shocking part of this is the realization that no one can stop us from simply handing ourselves this freedom. No one. That is why it is called freedom.  We are free to live in our own private, endless pleasure-of-being space, regardless of any circumstances that society insists is supposed to cause us fear and suffering, or something that society defines as desirable or irresistible.

When we feel this freedom, we have a secondary impulse to feel that we are superior to all who are trapped in continual reaction. This is a lure as well.  By allowing such feelings to simply move through us without clutching on to them as they slide through and take us on a ride that leads nowhere, we have found a way to sustain being in a pleasurable state that brings us out of time and into the moment.

True Freedom is absolute.  Other things are relative. By allowing that which was meant to push us away or pull us toward it, to simply think of ourselves as a sieve, and let the water of fear and desire pass right through us, we remain at peace and pleasure.  If we close those sieve holes down, if we take the bait of fear or desire, the weight of the water begins to pull us down with it, or push us upward in preparation for a predestined tumble back down.  Allow all implications, whispers, convictions, threats, insinuations, demands, suggestions, inferences and orders that we do not choose to experience,  to pass through our sieve like energy net, or better, our perfectly empty lack of self-definition, which is our true Self. We have found the happiness and freedom that is promised by polarity, but by polarities own nature, it cannot deliver what it promises for more than an instant. We are released from polarity, and have found the meaning of Free Will.  We have set ourselves free.

Article and Release From Polarity Altar by:
Ross Drago
Paint Rag Magazine
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