Human Super Conductivity
Human Super Conductivity

Human Super Conductivity

Room temperature super conductivity, the Holy Grail of moving electrons from one place to another without any resistance whatsoever, is the dream of many who favor progress and who are all for a seemingly magic world where anything electrical or electronic would be possible.  In such a world, data storage would be close to infinite in the tiniest of packages. Electric cars would run and run on a small battery.  After all, if the job requires zero resistance and the definition of work is resistance times distance, then no work is being done without any resistance in that formula.

Miraculous things happen when super conductivity is attained through extreme freezing temperatures approaching absolute zero.  A light bulb, when turned on, passing through a zone of near absolute zero temperature, becomes surrounded by darkness!  Electric irons encrust with ice when turned on, and electro-magnets become so powerful that, when  rotated near to a small super conductive coil, they would generate enough electricity to light Tokyo on New Year’s eve if all circuits and lights were super conductive.  Nearly any amount of electricity one needed would be available at such a low cost that anything electrical or electronic would be available to all individuals and would rival the Strategic Air Command.  In short, we would all live like science fiction Emperors in a Buck Rogers film.

As an artist and an inventor, of course I have a theory on how room temperature super conductivity can be achieved. I will briefly mention this because this article is actually about human super conductivity and not electrical. Perfect room temperature super conductivity should be achieved out of any  electrically conductive  material, i.e. copper or aluminum, if electric current is put through the wire at a frequency that approaches that metal’s own resonant frequency.  Another way to put it is that an alternating electrical vibration of a specific number of changes of direction of the current flow, can act as  a tuning fork for the copper’s own natural vibration.  When something approaches its own resonant frequency, strange things begin to happen.  By my theory, on an atomic level, the atoms that are used to expanding outward against universal pressure and then get compressed back by that pressure, suddenly change and they expand but receive less and less resistance from the outside world of pressures. This is because the “outside pressure” is also being expanded and contracted to the exact same frequency. This eliminates the outside pressure.  This puts those atoms outside of any connection to their immediate environment. It virtually places the atoms outside of time/space, because time/space is only relative to their specific interaction with their immediate environment. Another way to view this is, if you are rowing a boat by putting your paddle into the water and pushing the boat forward, and suddenly the water no longer resists you, because it starts moving the same way your paddle moves, your boat stands still. Atomic stillness due to the area around it vibrating at its own frequency, is indistinguishable from atomic stillness created at absolute zero. Stillness is stillness, for any reason. Therefore, resonant frequency of the copper should produce  room temperature super conductivity.  Current should go through that “tunnel of love” without any resistance, especially if that working current is being pulsed at the same resonant frequency.

We human beings have as many resistance problems as today’s electrical conductors.  This resistance to things that we find we must do whether we like it or not, is what ages us, and slowly wears us down.  Work is resistance times whatever we have to do.  If we have no resistance, we approach a kind of human perpetual motion. In physics, approaching a substance’s resonant frequency takes that substance outside of time-space limits. In human terms, utter and absolute acceptance of ourselves, as we are, as well as what  is happening in each moment, is our form of achieving super conductivity.  Allowing ourselves to become in perfect attunement with whatever we must do, and not time travel to a place in our mind or heart that is not in front of us, aligns us with the task at hand, and time/space disappears.  Along with it, aging, resentment and fatigue disappear.

Normally,  there is an ego barrier that allows us to resist whatever we are doing, causing suffering, because, presumably,  we still have to do it.  Through absolute acceptance of ourselves as we are, we transcend resistance and are able to do many more things without exhaustion.  We are always free to move away from a life style or career that we dislike or, if that is not possible, we are free to accept our circumstances without resistance. When we feel that we have no choice but to do something, by becoming “resistance-less” we allow ourselves to achieve things that we never imagined we could achieve.  We become human super conductors and can move,  outside of time/space dictates which open up vast possibilities.

Perhaps, when we human beings begin to practice super-conductivity on a personal level, someone will suddenly discover room temperature super conductivity and our world will change, with a host of new and astounding possibilities.  Certainly, by practicing this for ourselves, we would step out of the aging process to  a great degree, and find it fun thinking of what we wish to do, without limitation, and have all the energy in the universe available to us in order to achieve our dreams.

Article and Cover  Painting (Yo-Yo Around the World )  by Ross Drago. Painting in the private art collection of Surja Jessup.
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