mock-up-01-flatRoss Drago is a painter, writer and inventor, as well as founder and Director of the Energy Art Studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the inventor of interactive module art, a style of painting that allows viewers to endlessly compose and re-compose his oil paintings into unique paintings.  He is also the creator of a visual energy symbol language which uses wave forms to describe human emotions and self definitions, as described in two of his books, The Book of Energy Symbols and Identity is the Crisis.

Ross Drago’s most recent permanent installation of 107 architectural scale module art paintings may be viewed at Berkeley Bowl West in California.  Also a part of the Berkeley environment are his nine ceramic tiles set into the Shattuck Avenue exterior wall of the Berkeley Bowl Marketplace, made in collaboration with ceramist  Mary Tewksbury. In Palo Alto, Ross Drago created the Linus Pauling Memorial Ceramic mural in tribute to this two time Nobel Peace Prize winner. He has authored several books on human energy and awareness in the forms of short stories, novels and non-fiction books.

Editors: Surja Jessup M.S., C.H.T. Twenty-five year partner of Ross Drago, and a well known Bay Area wellness practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Her website is: Surja edits many of the articles before they go on-line.
Carol Russell is the sister of Ross Drago, and a retired medical journal editor. Carol is versed in a number of languages and has been published in several medical journals. Carol Russell worked in cancer research publications and is now retired.

Several people have asked me what I am using to create this blog.  Sorry my response has been so late.  I am using WordPress, but not alone. It is in combination with Thesis 1.6  This allows for much greater freedom of design and structure than WordPress offers by itself. I hope that helps.

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