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Equilibrian Physics
Gravity Is A Song

Ever wish that the universe was a little easier to understand, somewhat less hyper-techno-quarkey-x (3 x569,000,000,000,000 x ^ /M89) than it’s made out to be? It seems to happen in every field, that the longer that field exists, the more curliqued and pot-bound the language becomes. While these understandings are brilliant, they are exclusive to members of their specific fields. Before long, only those who pay the money to get degrees can understand even the simplest part of that field, even though that field belongs to each and every one of us, as do the stars.

I’ve noticed that it is impossible to put forth a totally different explanation of the world of physics without sounding absurd at worst or arrogant at best. I am not trying to be either of these. I simply have another way of seeing all of this, and while I have no interest in doing battle against established science, I feel compelled to at least share these ideas. I believe in them. That is my only foundation.

The universe, with all of its wonderful ways of being, by my way of seeing it, is really quite simple and lovely. It seems to me that it takes far less to explain what keeps the Earth and the Moon in a perpetual state of being in love with one another than the true mysticism that we are given by the worlds of both science and religion. It’s too simple to say “God did it all,” and never think about it again, and too preposterous to say that it happened without a drop of consciousness or intelligent intent involved in its continual creation and sustenance. In my universe, it takes only a song to sustain the eternal dance between Earth and Moon, and I’m speaking literally. That same simple song is also all that it takes to create all of the other forces – magnetism, electricity, atomic structure, et cetera, and even human emotions and behavior. I call it the Physics of Equilibrium, or Equilibrian Science.

In this universe, there is no need for attraction or repulsion. All of the forces we experience can be explained by the same easily understandable principle – even human behavior, which includes free will. This song may even be called a love song. Here is how it plays, in my universe, at least:

All that is needed in order to create all of the forces (gravity, magnetism, electricity, etc.) is a single, constant oscillation, a single vibration that is sustained by universal awareness. We may call this note Ommmmmm. Om is the universal hummmmmmm that sets all forces into being. It exists “below the atoms.” Indeed, it creates what we experience as the atoms. But more easily understood is how this single vibration that comes from every direction creates what we call gravity, for just one example.

Above is a beautiful image of the Earth and the Moon. The purple light that moves between them is my addition from Photoshop to illustrate my point. Science tells us that they are attracted by something called gravity, mass attraction. But let’s look at it again with a different explanation in mind.

Let us make only one simple assumption. The assumption is this: Let us assume that there is a single vibration, whose frequency is that distance between one ring of electrons and the next. It’s a very high note and it comes from all directions, because awareness, universal awareness, sustains it. That is all that we need to explain all forces. This article focuses only on gravity. Others will focus upon where this universal awareness comes from, as well as magnetism, electricity, even atomic structure itself, as well as human behavior patterns, but all explained by this single, simple vibration. Where universal awareness comes from is the subject of a number of my books, and if people seem interested, I’ll be glad to summarize that in another related article for this magazine. (Just ask, if you please, for a specific clarification in comments so I’ll know what to answer). In brief, if you have emptiness to infinity, you have awareness. One is the other, simply because emptiness is infinite, but cannot ever get there. It’s a permanent spatially impossible dilemma that keeps emptiness in a constant state of revelation. Emptiness beholds all, and beholding is love. Therefore, there is reason to celebrate every moment. We are! We are eternal awareness, each and every one of us, and we are made of unending love for exactly who we are.

Want a little more convincing? Have a look at all “human” emotions, those things that we humans pride ourselves on as being unique to us. If we look carefully at our strictly human emotions, we see that they, too, like Awareness itself, are a spatial condition, having everything to do with pure space. For example: Elated, as an emotion, means to be ever expanding, freed from any restriction. Depressed, emotionally, is the condition of being contracted, increasingly smaller, deeply compacted into a space that is smaller than the form we occupy, and without the energy to move toward anything we might wish to move toward or sustain a relationship with, the opposite of expansive, beneath joy. Happiness is high above and out of reach, while we are deeply sunk below it. These are all spatial. Loneliness is to be over here, while all things wonderful and connected are over there, a horizontal spatial relationship, unlike depression which is a vertical spatial relationship, that sinking feeling. Jealousy, to see someone receiving attention that we ourselves want directed toward us, or to have love directed away from us and given to someone else, means that what we want to receive went over there, when it should be here – spatial once again. These are all those human emotions that we believe to be strictly human, yet they are universal, spatial conditions, which means that anything that exists in space can also experience them. Emotions are universal spatial relationships.

Awareness, and all that we experience in life as human beings, are spatial situations, because we are the expressions of the one Primary spatial dilemma, the impossibility of being what we actually are, the Void-filling infinity, and not being able to fill infinity, creating the continuous revelation of our being. Awareness is intrinsic to infinite emptiness, and love is intrinsic to Awareness. You just can’t build a universe this fabulously intelligent from any state other than indefatigable love. Anger, depression, hatred, indifference, non-consciousness, just can’t do it. There’s no energy in destruction that could possibly build all of this. This is a love-sponsored universe. Try figuring out a working immune system from a place of anger, depression, unconsciousness or indifference. Only the deepest kind of love could work with possibilities long enough to develop even the smallest function of a living body. Eyes are an expression of a love for seeing. Ears are an expression of a desire to hear sound and make sense of it. Hands are an expression of a love and desire to reach out and touch, hold, manipulate. All things are expressions of a love for doing what these things do, just as much as a cell phone is an expression of many thousands of minds working together to fulfill the human desire to walk down the street talking with a friend who is a thousand miles away.

If it is so that there is a steady vibration playing upon all of the atoms in the universe, we see that from the space outside of these two heavenly bodies, the Earth and the Moon, there is a pressure, lines of vibration on a sub-atomic level. These lines of pressure come from all directions “equally.” The Om vibration exerts pressure from all directions upon our “atoms.” But we notice that both of these bodies, Earth and Moon, act as a kind of pressure shield for one another! They ride shotgun for one another, blocking or shielding this vibrational pressure for each other. There is therefore less pressure between the Earth and the Moon, no matter where in the universe they happen to be. The closer they get to one another, the greater is this shielding. Why? Simply because as the vibration is conducted through the body of each, it becomes absorbed and is weaker as it comes out the other side. (There is always more pressure from outside the planet that there is coming up through the planet, which is what pins us down, literally, to the planet we are on, atom for atom.) This always leaves a path of less pressure between the Earth and Moon as well. They act as if they are attracted to one another, but there is no need in this universe for attraction or repulsion to exist. They are each leaning back, quite comfortably, atom for atom, on a soft cushion that holds them in a balance point between the Moon’s velocity and the lessened pressure between them. They may dance to this music forever, as long as the pressure from outside is constantly there, and the space between them has lessened pressure from the vibrating note that sustains all forces, consciously! As the Moon passes above the ocean, the shielding causes the ocean to rise, creating our tides. Shielding omni-directional (Om-ni-, an ancient word meaning from all places, all directions) universal pressure is what we call gravity. But there is no need for gravity, as an attractive force. Gravity is a side effect of the Om vibrational pressure being shielded as it passes through a large mass.

Here is a drawing to help visualize this:


In my universe, you cannot create a universe this fantastic without utter and complete awareness behind the scenes. That being said, I don’t call this God, only because there are lots of Awarenesses sustaining different aspects of the universe, even though Awareness is a singular, uninterrupted phenomenon. This is similar to many people having created software for a PC computer so that it all runs and grows in capabilities. There is not one cyber-mastermind who runs all possible programs, but teams of interested people (Consciousness) who contributed to an astounding array of possibilities. Awareness is much the same. Awareness loves new possibilities, and sustains them. Even Einstein decided that the universe was user-friendly.

Let’s apply this song to people. We are held down to Earth by the same oscillation pressure on our atoms. The rain of vibration upon each one of our atoms is always harder falling from space-side, above, than the pressure that has traveled through the mass of the Earth and has been weakened and which pushes upward on the atoms with less force. If we are strong, we may jump up against this rain-like vibration, but we only get so far before it pins us down again.

man and gravity

Applying this way of thinking to flying up against “gravity”, all we need to do to get to outer space quickly and painlessly is to divert the vibration pressure, using static electricity, from above so that it goes around the atoms and thus makes the pressure from above almost zero, while the pressure from below pushes us upward, at nearly the speed of light in its attempt to equalize the new pressure difference. We wouldn’t even feel it! Why? Because there would be no communication lag! What this means is simple as well. If someone were to grab me by the arm and try to throw me to the right, I’d feel lots of pain. The rest of my body would not be told of the action. However, if that someone were to grab me by every one of my atoms, and then yank me to the right, at whatever speed, I would be fine. In fact, if we were to travel through space by shielding our atoms in the front through static and magnetic bending of the frontal pressure around our atoms, we could be traveling at 60,000 miles a second, and turn at 90 degrees by suddenly shielding our atoms from the right, and as a whole, we would then be moving in that new direction. We would feel no torque, no communication lag, no pain. Torque comes from a communication difference that tears us apart from what I call conventional motion. I call sub-atomic shielding Primary Universal Motion.

I believe this myself, and it fills me with possibilities that other beliefs don’t offer. My beliefs allow for interplanetary travel without pain and at speeds up to the speed of light. Mars, 60 million miles away, at such speeds is about five and a half minutes from here. My beliefs let me live in a universe that I can understand and enjoy. On walks near my studio in Emeryville, California, I stare at the fountain near Emery Bay Market and watch the fountain water blast as far as it can upward toward the sky. I can see it quite clearly as the oscillation force pushes the water back down. I don’t think that gravity drags it back. With this theory I can explain all of the forces – electricity, magnetism, centrifugal and centripetal force, and even love between human beings where self-definitions mutually cancel one another out and create a space of no resistance between one another. It is simple and unified, but above all it gives us our universe back. Sitting down with cat in lap or dog at our feet, we may contemplate the universe again, and actually come to realizations that fill us with a sense of belonging here once again. This universe is ours to enjoy. It is created by awareness to feed and feast upon not for its content but for its context. We are here with one true purpose, to behold and be astounded by the infinite magnitude and absolute simplicity of being. In my universe, gravity is a song.

Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine.
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