Puma vs GazelleIn 1992 as I was driven by my landlord into the parking lot of a self storage facility, I began to feel pain and constriction in my chest.  This pressure grew as I sat there until breathing was nearly impossible.  In that moment I had two visions. One was of an elephant who placed his front foot on my chest.  In a  moment, the elephant placed his other front foot on my chest. Slowly he placed his hind foot, first one and then the other on my chest.  He then closed his eyes and waited for me to find it so impossible to breathe that I would abandon my body.

My second vision was this.  A puma had been chasing a gazelle all of my life. It had been a race between the two. In that moment, the race had approached the finish line.  The puma had caught the gazelle by the throat and was bringing the gazelle down.  I saw that the puma was all of my self-destructive desires and tendencies, habits and practices, while the gazelle was my creativity, my tenderness, my love of all that is filled with innocence and grace.  My own self-destructive tendencies had won the race against my creativity, and it was bringing me down.

I survived this first of four heart attacks.  I quit smoking, coffee, red meat, cheese, salt, sugar, excessive wine and began a new life.  That has been dramatic for me, but the point of this article is larger in scale than myself.  As a species, we too, are in a race between our own self-destructive practices, and our creativity, our love of all that is tender, life sustaining, and essentially open to change and open to heart.

We see a travesty strike Japan as a tsunami, and think that nature is powerful and destructive.  We discount the reality that since the 1950’s we have allowed our military and scientists to conduct under water nuclear tests. Other scientists have concluded there is a correlation between earthquakes and nuclear tests. ( See article by Gary Whiteford: http://www.scribd.com/doc/38852685/Bomb-Tests-Earthquakes  ) Atomic bomb tests shift the earth off of its axis, speed up or slow down our rotation, and that jab is an insulting elbow into the belly of the earth.  These earthquakes may well be related directly to such tests, as well as to low frequency sonic blasts that scramble the brains of whales and jar the earth under the sea.

The puma has been on the chase against creativity, and the race is on.  Creativity runs in herds, great herds, and the puma is concentrated,  hunting in a pack, to be sure, but out for itself alone.  Corporate power and greed is such a puma.  Make no mistake. We creative beings are in a race, and we have the power to out run and to starve the pumas.  As gazelles our diet can be creation and new ideas, searching only for that which sustains life as the basis of the new economy.

Fear and desire are polar opposites. Creativity is non-polarized. Creativity is a radiant force.  As such, creativity is dimensionally more powerful than either fear or desire.  We have built desire into corporate structure, the desire to grow without limit.  We can amend this corporate mission, and we can create corporations who are creative and constructive.  We can build consciousness and conscience into the corporate board of directors structure, by making it mandatory to have artists, environmentalists and humanitarians on each and every corporate board with equal voting power.  This would help to steer the direction in which corporations grow toward sustaining life. As it stands today, many major corporations have human status but not human values. Corporate structure can exist without a conscience or a heart.  Who would have such a person in their life? Yet we create such a being and give it all of our money and our power.  This can change. As embodiments of creativity, we have a radiant, deeply penetrating, fear melting presence.  We no longer need to shield our creative light. It is time for heartfelt connection to one another and new possibilities to step forward and replace representatives of fear.

It is time for creativity to take the reins of commerce, and begin steering economic horses in the direction of new possibilities.  It is time for creativity to begin working with others and by one’s self, but for the sake of healing the damages that have been done.  It is time that we put forth our healing solutions in a form that can be “consumed”, and create a viable economy this way.

That puma grabbed me by the throat and tried to bring me to my death, but I was saved by a hospital and dedicated professionals.  I was put on medicines whose side effects were ignored by the industries that sell those medicines.  Exercise, healthy herbs and life styles, are alternatives that keep  heart attacks away.  In  every field, creativity can move in to offer life sustaining alternatives.  Only creativity, with its built in sincerity and integrity can lead us out of the problems that willfulness and pure profit have gotten us into.  It is time for the creativity in all of us to take human destiny by the hand and lead us back toward sincerity, caring and love for ourselves and for one another. The gazelle can outrun the puma, and the gazelle runs in vast herds.  Creativity can thunder across this land, not as gazelles, but as ideas that arise to heal the wounds of indifference, willfulness, and self- destruction that fear has commanded.  As the old values crumble before our eyes, the new world is growing wildly.  We are here, in America, where we have strength and resources to  help this world change its direction from self-destruction to creative possibilities. Creativity is not a polarity. Creativity is a radiant force, like the sun itself. Nothing is beyond its ability to heal.

Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine

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