Detail of Conspiracy of Caludius-Civlus by Rembrandt
Detail of Conspiracy of Caludius-Civlus by Rembrandt

At last we have arrived at the age in our social and psychological evolution where the fly on the wall has learned how to speak. Those back room deals, under the table pay-offs and closed conference meetings that have decided the fate of humanity for centuries, are finally becoming seen by all. Like a Braque cubist painting, covert acts are being viewed from many objective points of view simultaneously. Once tightly sealed agreements have become a leaky sieve. Welcome to the Age of Exposé!

Any therapist knows that before growth can happen, it requires the painful realization that a problem actually exists. If there is no belief that things are not working, no growth can take place. In the case of democracy, we are seeing that the democratic ideals have been seriously compromised. Corporate structures and powers have locked down many fields from free growth, from pharmaceuticals to transportation. Seeing fat profits coming from vitamins, the pharmaceutical industry seeks to define vitamins as drugs that can only be prescribed by a physician. If pharmaceutical companies win the steal we will need a prescription to take Vitamin C, and all of that over the counter money will be locked into a corral kept behind doctor’s appointments, which could take six months to get. Since many physicians are trained to believe that nutrition and vitamins are old wives tales, we’ll have a hard time getting that prescription from our doctors. Dr. Linus Pauling, two time Nobel Peace Prize winner, proved conclusively that Vitamin C cures heart disease. Doctors and hospitals have saved my life four times with powerful drugs and their incredible skills and technology. In catastrophic circumstances as well they are life savers. In relation to nutrition and vitamins, however, there is a void. How many cardiologists tell their patients to take large amounts of Vitamin – C? No. Instead we are given statins and blood thinners, bi-monthly monitored rat poison. Vitamins are simply below the radar of the medical profession. Nutrition is equally not taken seriously. Immediately after a massive heart attack in the cardio-ward of a major American hospital, my breakfast came. It consisted of a fried egg, toast with butter, two pieces of bacon and coffee with packets of powdered milk and sugar. There is simply no real connection between nutrition and heart disease even in a cardio ward. By the third time I sent this breakfast back, I was given a small cup of tapioca pudding as their final dealing with one as fussy as me.

In the same manner as vitamins and unpatentable alternative healing methods, super-efficient electric batteries exist whose patents are owned by gasoline combustion engine manufacturers and oil companies, and are stored themselves in secret back rooms to protect the status quo of the industry. Electric cars came side by side with the gasoline combustion engine many, many years ago. In Berkeley, California, electric trains ran smoothly from Berkeley to down town San Francisco, until the auto industry bought them up, tore them out and sold everyone the only other means of transportation that they could get on the newly controlled market.

Because Americans are trusting people, a little spin always went a long way. With the introduction of counter spin, from cell phones that are cameras and sound recorders, YouTube, Face Book, WikiLeaks, and countless other avenues of immediate expression from one to all, we have entered the Age of Exposé. This means that Americans are starting to see that what was simply paranoid rumors were, in many cases, solid fact, recorded and revealed for all to see. This means that the healing process has begun.

Democracy has been a dream that was sold to we naive folk who believed that the world made by man was good and decent. We believed that so strongly that now, as we see that democracy has, in many cases, been bought up, we get mad. This is good. For the first time in human history, given the same media that exposes what is not right with democracy, we have the tools to create a truthful, transparent democratic condition. With computers, we no longer need a democracy that requires representatives, who are corruptible. With computers, nearly all Americans are capable of direct government. We can instantly all view the issues, and instantly all vote on them, and instantly see the results, transfer funds, hire and fire organizations that give bids on solving the problems ourselves, from our living rooms or from an internet cafe. This would be similar to the original Greek city-state democratic rule of the people, by the people and for the people.

We are all of us seeing that things can go wrong. It is now obvious. We have also seen that it is possible to have governors not care what their people want, and to do things that no one wants done. Now that we see that this is so, we can begin to re-create a society that reaches out to one another with helping hands. The Age of Exposé has shown most of us one astounding thing. We have two forces at hand. One cares about humanity and freedom, the other cares about profit regardless of consequences. Compassion vs. iron willfulness. I vote for compassion. That is the world in which I choose to live. We are never voting for parties, we are voting for human values vs. corporate values. We have the power to replace corporate values with human values. We have finally reached the painful Age of Exposé, and therefore the healing process has begun.

Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine
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