Self Conception of A Galaxy
Self Conception of A Galaxy

In my universe, Awareness is the only permanent Reality. Speaking metaphorically in a universe that is metaphor made manifest, Awareness extends in all directions, in all ways, from infinitely small to unfathomably huge, ongoing to infinity. In this unfathomable vastness, this Awareness can become Self Aware. This spontaneous realization of Its Being expresses itself, in many cases, as a galactic scale cloud, self realized out of the Void. In this newly created time/space, it ultimately condenses into an expression of this new galactic being. We, peering through The Hubble telescope, recognize these staggering occurrences as the formation of stars or galaxies. An abundance of these cosmic scale Self Realizations we call the Universe.

The scale of these self expressions are measured by us in trillions of light years across. The spaces between such self expressions also measures in trillions of light years. Thanks to the Hubble telescope having a visit from a team of extraordinarily courageous “astro-optometrists” and getting its contact lens popped in, we can bear witness to these transformations of Awareness declaring itself in a magnitude that attempts to express how it feels to be Eternal Awareness.

The concept that all of these self expressions came from one spot, once upon a time, known as the “Big Bang”, is perhaps the last dying gasps of our three-dimensional consciousness. ” It had to start, it has to end, and it all came out of here.”, three-dimensional consciousness insists. But the evidence that something far more stupendous is taking place leaves us helpless, overwhelmed and in absolute awe. For some reason, our human minds hold tenaciously to the Frisbee that things are solid, separate and finite, with a beginning, a middle and an end, to which exacting numbers may be pinned. Yet a growing sense is that on an everyday experiential level, time/space is nothing like what we have been told.

The Mayan Calendar hints that our understanding of and relationship with time is about to move to the next level, beginning in 2012. No doubt this is a dawning, and not a burst of revelation. It may take decades or centuries to fully open as a realization for the whole of human kind, but the opening will have begun. We will be moving out of three-dimensional consciousness and into fourth-fifth-dimensional consciousness. This, simply put, means that we will begin to see with our own eyes that the universe and world we are in and of, is a living, conscious celebration of what it is to be eternal awareness itself, without beginning, and without end. Moving from 3-D to 4-D and 5th-Dimensional consciousness marks the end of seeing the world as a collection of separate objects that have little or no relationship to one another, to seeing that absolutely everything is intimately connected to everything else as a conscious whole.

When we see a star, the star sees us. While three-dimensional consciousness sees this as poetry, fourth, fifth-dimensional consciousness sees this as fact. By fourth-fifth-dimensional awareness, the star sees us because Awareness is a single, uninterrupted, seamless, phenomenon that includes all in its singular, all inclusive scope. Indeed, the star is conscious of us as we become aware of it, because there is only one awareness, which we are both using as our own. This relationship may be likened to a pop-up toaster not seeing that the electricity that runs through it is the exact same electricity that is also running through the lights and the radio. They may all seem different, but they are all expressions of what is possible to do with electricity. The universe is the same. How can Awareness express what it is like to be eternal awareness? This creates a universe of Self Expressions, while the Awareness is a single phenomenon. That human beings believe that Awareness is specific to each human individual is the stage that we are leaving. We leave this in exchange for a much greater self-definition, the lack of one. Without an identity, any individual becomes indistinguishable from the rest of the universe. Giving up who we thought we were is a small price to pay for being the universe at large.

As a species, we are shedding our winter coat, allowing 3-dimensional consciousness to fall away, even in our concept of governance. We are seeing that no one person or government order can take care of us. The internet has given us a tool to begin to learn how to literally govern ourselves. Indeed, the very concept of government appears to be being replaced by a simple system of collective problem solving. Someone sees a problem, and thinks of a way to use the internet to solve it. Daily I receive e-mails to sign a petition to protect some animal from a nightmarish fate due to someone’s capital gains scheme. I sign it, and contribute to a collection of some fifty-thousand others who, for a recent example, descend upon a hotel that captures dolphins for show, frequently to the dolphins demise.

Another example of fourth-dimensional consciousness is the growing organization of neighborhoods. Now it is for survival, from tornadoes, possible earthquakes, affordable housing or even crime. Soon, it will be seeing the tremendous problem solving advantages to no longer being afraid of our neighbors, but joining forces to buy collectively, secure a collectively supported local physician who will make house calls, hire a security guard to watch the neighborhood, and find a place among the neighbors where children and elders can come together during the daytime with a supervisor, and end the need for costly elder care and child care, by letting local communities take care of one another, happily, and at no charge but a token fee that is shared. This is the dawn of fourth dimensional consciousness.

The universe is alive, benevolent and aware. Children and Einstein know this. In the case of children, we train it out of them. Einstein held his ground when he decided that the universe is friendly. If fourth dimensional consciousness can be stated in a few words, it simply means that we are moving from a fear based society to a trust based society that involves being present each moment and choosing to keep our hearts open to each other. This is permitted by dropping the leaden shields that we unconsciously hold up, the ponderous weight of which ultimately brings us down to the ground, one at a time. To quote an old poem of mine, “Our sword and our shield were our enemy.” In my opinion, this shift cannot happen soon enough. Welcome back to a living universe which we share with countless other expressions of what it feels like to be eternal awareness, expressing itself in all imaginable ways, including being human or being a galactic cloud formulating itself into a billion stars.

Cover Painting and article by Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine.

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