MarsOn September 2, 2011, The New York Times ran this picture of Mars very recently taken by NASA’s Rover, “Opportunity”, on the Crater Endeavour.

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The focus was on the rocks in the foreground, which are made of bromine and zinc. The implication was that this proved that heat and water may have formed the rocks.  In examining this photograph in greater detail, however, I noticed something far more astonishing than the composition of the foreground stones.  In the background, part of the way up the mountain on the central right, is what strongly appears to be a perfectly spherical tower.  Upon enlarging this tower, one can begin to see that it is centered within a perfect square, with the sphere symmetrically in the square.

It is also clearly distinct from the background terrain.    If this is true, who placed it there? How long has it been there?  Is it really there,  or is it some strange optical illusion? The biggest question is, can we get NASA to instruct the Rover to drive over to that mountain and get clear photographs of this mysterious object and publish the photographs?  As I seem to be the only one who spotted it, I have named it Drago’s Tower on Mars. View these enlargements for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

detail of sphere copy

closer view

I have enlarged the image in several ways.   But you have no reason to trust me. Look up the same on-line photo from the New York Times front page, and enlarge the image for yourself.  That is the beauty of this ironic twist. Everyone with a computer can reproduce these findings in a few minutes.  It is public information.

Here is the web address of the New York Times story on the Martian rocks.

contrast-04 copy

In the main photograph, the spherical tower  is obvious at about two o’clock high on the side of the mountain.

The question is, how do we explain it?    Is it a natural formation?  I think it is unlikely.  A perfect sphere within a perfect square or a perfect cubical frame  on a tower is not something that occurs in nature.   While it is possible  to write off crop circles on Earth as man made, it is substantially more difficult to dismiss a three- dimensional tower on a distant planet as man made.

I urge anyone who is interested in preserving this possibly history making photograph to copy either my image, or the one on the New York Times page before it disappears, forever.

Since these images are blurry, as the NASA focus was the foreground rocks and not the mountain in the distance, no amount of enlarging seems to bring clarity to this mystery.  Perhaps all that we can do to resolve this question is e-mail NASA and ask them to direct the Rover, “Opportunity”,  to drive over to the rim of Crater Endeavour and point its camera at the mystery object and take a clear, in focus photograph of it.  Since NASA is funded by our tax dollars, we have the right to see those new photographs and resolve this.  I am happy to be proven  wrong in my suspicion, and happier still to have a front and center photograph of this mysterious anomaly on Mars.

Ross G. Drago
Paint Rag Magazine
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