Buffalo Boy 2 – eBook – Ross G. Drago

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Buffalo Boy 2 delivers a young man from Buffalo, New York into the epicenter of the movement that was destined to transform the world, Berkeley, California, 1967, Telegraph Avenue. This collection of short stories, based on actual events that have been carefully eliminated from media history shows us an inside story of what life was like at that time, from a creative viewpoint.
Buffalo Boy 2 moves across time and focuses upon those experiences that deliver stunning spiritual insights, and is both profoundly human and consciousness awakening. Highly emotional at times, the stories are counter-balanced with comedic experiences that will delight the reader with the daring madness of of sixties, such as Jimmy Pump Tart and Escaping Crockett.
It is also heart wrenching with When Souls Are Torn Apart. and Funeral for Fran Many of the short stories contained in this book seem destined to re-tell American history, as it really happened, intertwined with the author’s own cultural and personal awakening.
Now available in all digital formats for $2.99 at:

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Vertical Shift – by Ross Drago Now in All Digital Formats

Vertical Shift Cover-Smashword EditionThe plot of Vertical Shift revolves around a group of artists, inventors and creative people who join forces in an underground movement to solve the problems of the world.  As they grow in numbers and fill an abandoned Oakland factory with works of art and create powerful inventions including an electric car engine which vertically lifts into the air and flies, corporations become threatened by this, and descend upon the group, bringing about a life and death struggle. The issue of humanity’s future,  and whether greed and denial will prevail, or whether solutions to environmental issues actually will triumph, provides the tension to be resolved in Vertical Shift.

Drago’s’ novel is also a love story, and an invitation to humanity to think in new and creative ways. The characters are alive with determination to change the world for the better, even if the price for doing so is their life.  Anyone who dreams of a better world must read this amazing, timely novel which invites us to step out of complacency and into creative action. One of Ross Drago’s best.

Vertical Shift is now available for complete download for $2.99 at: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/395468

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New Year’s Resolve

Ah Poor Bird, November 2013-Only This 11-4-2013New Year’s Resolve

In the New Year we are entering, my deepest wish is for all of the creative forces that move through us be joined with the courage it will require to push new ideas, based on trust, sincerity and compassion into the spotlight of human activity.

Nature has a way of righting wrongs. She is cunning and nonchalant in her love for truth.  When She sees that we do not move to save ourselves due to fear, She manipulates the circumstances so that it becomes more frightening to not do what we believe should be done than it is to do it. That which we were afraid to risk, slowly becomes the least of our worries, and the path we must take opens before us as the least frightening by comparison to inaction.  So we have arrived at 2014.  We must all be brave, and open our hearts to the possibility of our hearts breaking.  A broken heart is one that no longer has the ability to snap closed. It’s latch no longer works. Eyes, symptomatic of having a broken heart, never avert themselves from a view of someone suffering.

It is the greatest age of all ages that we are stepping into.  We have spent our inheritance, perhaps even squandered it, but now it is time to take off our training wheels.  We are to learn how to ride this bike without nature’s help.  We have taken natures place.  Alright then. Now we must learn Her compassion. It is an easy lesson, when we see that there is only one awareness, which each of  us refers to as I.  These tar encrusted birds stand at our beaches to say ‘Feel this and have the courage to transcend your fear’.  For problems are never solved. They can only be transcended.  In this New Year, let us vow with open hearts to transcend with our brilliance and our compassion all of the things that hold us tightly in the jaws of greed, and move to a new dream of who we are, a dream based on Trust that stepping forward will manifest a path even in these darkest of times. From this Day on, we are the light.


Ross G. Drago

Paint Rag Magazine

Art Work by Noelle–UK.



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December 24, 2013

Evergreen by Moonlight

It’s Okay,

If you’re not

Always Happy,

On Happy Day.

It’s Okay.

It’s Okay.


From Ross

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Gail Rudd Entrekin: Quilts

Kandinsky Mosaic-01


Ross Drago’s video Eve and Adam was described in one word by the late Stanley Greenberg, screen writer of Soylent Green, Skyjacked and Missiles of October, as “Astounding!”

Disturbed by the existing interpretation of the Biblical story, Drago re-interprets this age old tale turning it into a metaphorical story of consciousness and  profound love.  This interpretation absolves Eve of the branding of deceiving Adam, and reveals the motive of selfless love for God.  It makes it clear that Adam was not deceived into eating of the forbidden apple, but did so to be with Eve. And it shows God’s torment at having to set Eve up in order to see if they possessed free will.

This version of an archetypal story will stir your heart, and help to free humanity from the guilt and shame imposed upon us by the old interpretation of Eve causing our expulsion from Paradise,  commonly referred to as Original Sin. It is above all, a love story.

Hand painted by artist and author Ross G. Drago, this fifty minute video drama was two years in the making.  Hundreds of oil paintings depict each emotional shift in the characters who bring this story to life. It is an animation unlike any others you have seen,  dramatically enacted by the author. Eve and Adam premiered at Kimball’s East Carnival Room.

Eve and Adam is now available FREE on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSmQiFpl0mo


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Vertical Shift – Chapter One – Ross G. Drago’s Latest Novel

Vertical Shift For NetChapter One

Mondo’s phone, hand painted in multi-colors still rang a week after his disconnection notice.  He stared at his painting, whispered “Shit.”, and carefully placed his wet paint brush on the pallet table. Still transfixed by his painting, he let the phone ring a third time. There was no answering machine.

He had just begun painting the delicious, glistening texture of energy symbols that he had scribed into thick, Mars black acrylic paint. He had inscribed the energy symbols the day before,  a quarter of an inch thick, and waited for them to be perfectly dry so that he could begin painting around them in oils.

In this manner of painting, Mondo played two roles. He intuitively, energetically scribed symbols in the language he had invented, into thick, wet acrylic paint.  The following day, when the energy symbols had hardened, he “discovered” them, unearthed them, with a brush, as an archeologist brushed away black soot that hid ancient hieroglyphic paintings on a stone wall.

Often he filled the paint with sand, and then gently touches the sandstone surface with a mixture of Prussian blue and burnt sienna. The beauty of that color, on such an ancient stone wall texture, made him want to cry. READ MORE

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Eskimo Politics – Excerpt from Buffalo Boy 2 – Ross G. Drago

Untitled-1 copyEskimo Politics


Miriam and I had once more made a pass at breaking up. I wandered the streets looking for a place that I could afford. In my wanderings, I came upon a building that had just been condemned. It stood between two commercial buildings, just below 51st Street on Broadway, in Oakland. It was a two-story wooden building, set back on the lot, with no front door. On its lawn was parked a yellow tractor, waiting like an angry young dinosaur for some signal to tear the building to the ground.  It looked like I might be able to strike a deal with someone so that I could temporarily live there. Who wouldn’t want a few bucks until the permits to tear it down came through?



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The Meek’s Inheritance

detail-voidRegrettably, it took most of my life to understand what is meant by the phrase “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” In a world of real-estate oriented thinking and aristocratic wealth passed down from generation to generation it was difficult to find my way through the maze of scrambled logic to see the essential meaning of the prophecy. But eventually I saw the light it held. READ MORE

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